If you wish to wager for larger jackpots, then you must choose the progressive slot machines. Who knows, you may even land a jackpot that will completely transform your life. Hitting the big one is the dream of every slot player. Of course the odds of hitting that perfect jackpot are low.

If you like taking risks and know exactly what to expect, you can give progressive online slot machines a shot. Before you do so, it is recommended to learn all about progressive machines.

A network links a group of slot machines called progressive machines. A percentage of money is collected from all the slot machines in the network and this money goes into the progressive jackpot.

Until a player wins the top reward by hitting the winning numbers, the jackpot amount continues to grow as more number of people continues to play. Understandably, slot machines that offer huge progressive jackpots offer lesser amount of payback percentage as compared to machines that do not.

Types of Progressive Machines

Progressive machines are of three different types –

Progressive Proprietary or In-House Machines

These machines are owned by the casino and are linked together. Some casinos have more than one branch and in that case, machines from all branches are connected. As compared to the wide area progressives, jackpots in these casinos are hit more frequently.

Progressive Stand Alone Machines

Stand alone progressive machines are single machines that are not connected to any other machines. There is no fixed jackpot here as percentage of played coins is added to the reward for the winning combination.

You can keep track of the jackpot through a meter in the front. In order to ensure top prize has a varying amount, payback is distributed in a different manner even though it is equal to other machines in many cases. As compared to network linked machines, standalone machines offer lower progressive jackpots.

Wide Area Progressive

If you want to try your hand at huge jackpots that have the potential to change your life, you must play the wide area progressive. Here, machines from all over are linked together. An independent operator controls machines from many different casinos and therefore the stakes are high.

While the games are owned by the operator, casinos get a share of the winning percentage. Your chances of hitting the massive jackpot are as large as the jackpots. These machines however offer lower payback percentage due to the high administrative costs.

If you are lucky, you could be the one to hit the life transforming winning combination. However, do not make progressive jackpots a habit. Learn to enjoy your slot play with a set amount of money allocated for it. It is not a good idea emptying your bank by chasing a dream.

Your odds are higher if you concentrate on the In House Progressives or Stand Alone. Playing slots is highly entertaining and if you play without a lot of expectations, you can have great fun. Sign up with an online casino right now and enjoy unlimited hours of fun playing slots.