Slot machine game is one of the most popular choices for enthusiastic gamers from across the world. Almost all casinos online offer this interesting game. If you are planning on playing at the slot machines, you must first know about certain myths that are going around. Being informed about it can help you cut losses.

The first step in understanding slot machine myths is to understand the working of the RNG or Random Number Generator.

Random Number Generator

In spite of what the name suggests, the selection of numbers in the slot machines is not completely random. They are based on a set mathematical formula. In order to enhance your winning chance, you must first learn the value of random number being generated and if possible, work out the formula used. Though this sounds simple, it is not easy to achieve this.

RNG is nothing but an electronic program written in the form of codes into the game chip. The numbers are generated by this program at the rate of hundred per second. Result on the reels in the slot machine corresponds directly to each of the numbers.

It is not actually possible to beat the RNG as the choice that determines wins and losses will be from a wide range of numbers. No matter whether the machine is being used or not at any given time, numbers continue to be generated by the RNG. The number being generated at the exact moment is retrieved by the computer chip the moment the spin button is pressed.

Even if you have an idea about the formula and sequence in which numbers are generated the very speed in which the next number is calculated by the machine beats you. This makes the machine as good as random.

Considering the RNG to be random has led to the mushrooming of many myths which in turn lead to a number of errors. Here are a few common slots machine related myths –

  • Machine you just left pays out jackpot for the next player, if only you had stayed longer – this is one of the most common complaints from slots players. This is not true as the even when the machine is not played, it continuously cycles through numbers.
  • Counting of symbols can give you an idea of winning odds – this is another common myth. For each spin, a number is generated by the RNG corresponding to the symbols on the reel. Even though you see only a few symbols, you cannot discount the hundreds of virtual stops. There are millions of possible combinations that can be generated which greatly reduce the odds of winning.
  • Odds of machines are constantly changed by the casino – another myth that is not true. Payback percentage in the slots machines are pre-set and are determined by the computer chip. The entire chip programming has to be changed by the casino if they have to change the pay back.
  • A machine that has not paid for a long time is due for a jackpot hit – another myth that has no base in reality. There is absolutely no technique by which you can find out if a machine is due to hit or not. Spins have no bearing on previous spins and machines are randomly programmed in such a manner that it can go for a long time without paying and can pay in quick succession sometimes.

It is a good idea avoiding these myths and use powerful strategies to enhance your winning odd.