125x125.258williamhillIf you want to gamble for huge jackpots, progressive slot machines are the best option for you. Progressive slot machines may even provide you with an opportunity to get a life changing jackpot money. Every slot player dreams of getting something massive. However, the chances of hitting a huge jackpot are low. If you are ready to take risk and know what to expect exactly, you can try online progressive slot machines. Before you kick start to play the game, you need to learn all the information about progressive machines.

Progressive Slot Machine- What Is It?

Progressive slot machines are a group of slot machines which are linked to a network. An amount of money is collected from all the slot machines in the network, which goes into the pool of progressive jackpot. The jackpot amount continues to grow until a player wins the highest reward by hitting the winning numbers.  Obviously, slot machines offering massive progressive jackpots offer lower payout percentage than the slot machines that offer smaller jackpots.

Different Types of Progressive Slot Machines

There are three main types of progressive slot machines- proprietary or in-house progressive machines, stand alone progressive machines and wide area progressive machines

Proprietary Progressive Machines– the slot machines are owned by the casino and they are linked together in this type. Some casinos have multiple branches and machines from all these branches are connected. Playing at these machines can help you get a chance to hit huge jackpots.

Stand Alone Progressive Machines– They are single machines and there is no preset jackpots in this type. Merely, a percentage of played coins are included in the reward. When compared to machines linked to a network, standalone machines offer lower jackpots. In this type, you can keep track of the jackpot via a meter. The payback is distributed to players in a different manner. However, it is similar to other machines more often.

Wide Area Progressive Slot Machines– if you want to try your luck at massive jackpots that have the ability to transform your life, wide area progressive machines are the most excellent choice. Machines from different casinos are linked together in this type. The machines are controlled by an independent operator and each casino gets its share of the winning percentage. Due to higher administrative costs, these machines offer lower payback percentage only.

If you have luck, you could hit the life changing winning combination offered by progressive machines. However, it is not advisable to play progressive jackpots habitually. Learn to allocate a set of money first and play slot games with that amount. It is not advisable to empty your savings to chase a dream.

You can get better chances to win, if you focus on the in house and/or stand alone progressive machines. Playing slot games offers a lot of fun and thrill. If you play without too many expectations, you can have a great time. Choose an online casino, sign up with them as a member and enjoy playing slots for hours.