Barter based economy and trading systems backed a single currency called "Krypto".

If the battery runs low, the weapon has a transmitter that sends a coded message either by satellite or directly to a GRU post at a Russian embassy or consulate.

The W48 nuclear shell is 155 millimetres (6.1in) in diameter and 846 millimetres (33.3in) long and weighs 53.5 kilograms (118lb).

Note: I did move some stuff in editor and what not before going into ACE Arse to start making kits when I noticed the severe lack of backpacks. Not the best weapon ever but if it was good enough for a cave man.

_bp = backpack player; _bp = backpack player; }; if (backpack player isEqualTo "B_Bergen_mcamo") then { //Backpack id right now is "" @Yin-Yue that mag is CUP_SMAW_Spotting and is scope 1, thus not showing up. On December -- 2030 the Zero Chip became sentient.

Don't get too close or he just might blow up in your face. Once uploaded to the cloud the virus would interfere with the link and humans would once again be free. Screenshots can be obtained if necessary.

Soon the complexity of the code which the zero chip could run began to out pace its human coders ability to understand, so they had to build into its subsystems auto-coding mechanisms to take full advantage of the hardware's amazing instant computing capabilities. Treasures can be found under the cushions. The lightest nuclear warhead ever acknowledged to have been manufactured by the U.S. is the W54, which was used in both the Davy Crockett 120mm recoilless rifle-launched warhead and the backpack-carried version called the Mk-54 SADM (Special Atomic Demolition Munition). life_maxWeight = 65; //the weight you want.

These are my thoughts exactly. _bp = backpack player;

Lebed stated that these devices were made to look like suitcases, and that he had learned of their existence only a few years earlier. _bp = backpack player; [11] Moreover, his main contention regarding Moscows denial was that these devices were never listed on any inventory list to begin with due to their highly sensitive nature, particularly as a result of their supposed use by the USSRs KGB with targets ranging from the United States to various NATO countries in eastern Europe. By Dummy bombs are used for training missions in the Russian army and such devices could have indeed been lost during the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Path to Arma 3 is generally "C:\Program Files I'm looking for a listing of backpack (and subsequently uniform and vest) capacities, but not having very much finding an updated - accurate list anywhere. if (backpack player isEqualTo "") then { life_maxWeight = 20; //the weight you want. These dirty old couch cushions are loaded with debris. [4][5], In the mid-1970s, debate shifted from the possibility of developing such a device for the military to concerns over its possible use in nuclear terrorism. life_maxWeight = 45; //the weight you want.

[21][22], Allegations were made in the 1990s that Israel had developed suitcase nuclear bombs during the 1970s.

{(backpackContainer player) addItemCargoGlobal [_x,1];} forEach (_bMags); life_maxWeight = if (backpack player isEqualTo "") then {LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"total_maxWeight")} else {LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"total_maxWeight") + round(FETCH_CONFIG2(getNumber,"CfgVehicles",(backpack player),"maximumload") / 4)}; September 30, 2019 in Solved.

(_backpack isEqualTo "")) then {_handle = [_backpack,true,false,false,false] spawn life_fnc_handleItem; waitUntil {scriptDone _handle};}; {_handle = [_x,true,false,false,false] spawn life_fnc_handleItem; waitUntil {scriptDone _handle};} forEach _items; {player addItemToUniform _x;} forEach (_uItems); [11] Thus, the confirmation of these weapons existence in addition to the security and inventory of these weapons would ultimately produce misleading results.

} else {. [9], Among these releases, Lebed in an interview with CBS newsmagazine Sixty Minutes on 7 September 1997 claimed that the Russian military had lost track of more than a hundred out of a total of 250 "suitcase-sized nuclear bombs". ", "Suitcase nukes closer to fiction than reality", "Complete List of All U.S. Nuclear Weapons", "Nuclear Terrorism and Countermeasures.

(_uniform isEqualTo "")) then {_handle = [_uniform,true,false,false,false] spawn life_fnc_handleItem; waitUntil {scriptDone _handle};}; /* Adjustment of carrying capacity based on backpack changes */ I've personally never seen this issue and it may just be some edit you've made causing the bug.

{ life_maxWeight = 40; //the weight you want. file into your Arma 3 root directory. [8] The largest yield of a relatively compact linear implosion device was under 2 kilotons for the cancelled (or never deployed but apparently tested) US W82-1 artillery shell design, with yield under 2 kilotons for a 95 pounds (43kg) artillery shell 6.1 inches (15cm) in diameter and 34 inches (86cm) long. life_maxWeight = 20; //the weight you want. }; if (backpack player isEqualTo "B_FieldPack_ocamo_ReconMedic") then { //Backpack id right now is "" In case there is a loss of power, there is a battery backup. It created implants to treat all manner of human diseases, nano devices that allowed for physical augmentation of all basic human systems, sight, hearing, touch. {(uniformContainer player) addItemCargoGlobal [_x,1];} forEach (_uMags); the nano-virus was a computer virus with a bio-warfare payload. [16] US Congressman Curt Weldon revived the question in 1999, displaying a "notional model" of what a Russian "suitcase nuke" might look like in a hearing on 26 October, and "lambasting the Clinton administration for not aggressively questioning the Russian government about the existence and location of hidden KGB weapons caches in the United States."[17].

Corporate Executives concerned that the machine might make a world ending decision on its own began attempting to shut-down the machine to no avail, it now lived on the internet, every computer in the world was part of it every human body now contained its nano's and were in constant communication with the cloud by the time humans realized it, it was too late it was unstoppable. I have a serious issue with vitems namely gathered or mined items.

Nuclear weapons designer Ted Taylor has alleged that a 105 millimetres (4.1in) diameter shell with a mass of 19 kilograms (42lb) is theoretically possible. Ruger: A 22. pistol that can hold accessories. [3] The W48 however, does fit the criteria of small, easily disguised, and portable. MYSTERY RANCH has been building the worlds most durable assault packs for almost two decades.

[9] Moreover, Yablokov further clarified his source of information, which up until this point remained ambiguous, citing communications between scientists working at the Krasnoyarsk-26, Tomsk-7, Chelialinsk-65, and Penza-19 nuclear installations located across Russia.

The American standard when it comes to a personal protection weapon. I know Unsung isn't the only mod this happens with, as I've heard other people in our community comment about missing things from other mods before as well but this is the biggest case of it happening. Although absent from the hearing himself, Lebed's interviews were frequently cited as a cause for concern throughout the duration of this hearing, particularly the 84 missing devices and their apparent capacity to kill 100,000 people each.

CUP_SMAW_Spotting is intentionally hidden (source: CUP Team). }; if (backpack player isEqualTo "B_AssaultPack_sgg") then { //Backpack id right now is "" life_maxWeight = 40; //the weight you want. The reason i had to change the backpack codes was the vanilla was giving the user unlimited bp capacity, this again might have to do with code i have implemented and / or customised.

^ What is the classname of that magazine and the weapon? RPT log file: the poor left to die in squalor.

what they had not counted on was the machine. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. The chip solved many of humanities oldest problems - hunger, war, were quickly becoming things of the past.

According to Lunev, the number of "missing" nuclear devices (as found by General Lebed) "is almost identical to the number of strategic targets upon which those bombs would be used. life_maxWeight = 25; //the weight you want. In addition, RHS has a version of the Mk153 launcher also using spotting rifle magazines. life_maxWeight = 80; //the weight you want. _bp = backpack player; Used to warm you up quickly, There is also a cold pack version to reduce your fever, Meat is great cooked on an open fire, venom sac can be used as a anti venom to build tolerance. Russia's Federal Agency on Atomic Energy on 10 September rejected Lebed's claims as baseless.

When the day came and virus was unleashed a darkness spread over the earth. Sign in

}; if (backpack player isEqualTo "B_Bergen_blk") then { //Backpack id right now is ""

Model by: BI. ***************************** You signed in with another tab or window. "[15], In mid-1998, a special commission of Russia's Security Council has investigated the storage and utilization of such bombs and found out that no bombs were stolen or lost. Heal Player: If you took heavy damage this attachment is a must. Possessing the highest storage capacity (320 "mass") of any backpack other than the Bergen, the Carryall is commonly used by military ammo bearers and assistant gunners to store additional rockets/grenades for heavy weapons soldiers. life_maxWeight = 80; //the weight you want.

if (backpack player isEqualTo "B_Carryall_mcamo") then { //Backpack id right now is "" Yea, I found that, but it's hardcore out of date, so it's kind of useless. }; if (backpack player isEqualTo "B_ViperHarness_oli_F") then { //Backpack id right now is "" privacy statement. i'm going to keep working on optimisation - reducing lag, as when i disabled all weather and fog somewhat helped. 'Perhaps he meant old Soviet nuclear artillery shells, which are all being safely guarded.' I want to do quick runs while still being efficient.

Also now when i log off and back on the bp disappears. Arma 3 license and game usage restrictions from Bohemia Interactive: Powerful persistence framework for Arma 3 with native Windows and Linux dedicated server support. Congressional Hearing Oct 1 , 2 1997". life_maxWeight = LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber, "total_maxWeight"); life_carryWeight = 0; //Represents the players current inventory weight (MUST START AT 0). vanilla was giving the user unlimited bp capacity.

*****************************. life_maxWeight = 65; //the weight you want.

"'We don't know what General Lebed is talking about. if (! This is what is happening with vanilla settings reinstated -, ***************************** [18], Former Under-Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Michael G. Vickers has claimed that he, along with other Green Berets special forces troops, practiced infiltrating Warsaw Pact countries with backpack-sized nuclear weapons, with a mission to "detonate a portable nuclear bomb. [citation needed] In nuclear weapon design, there is a trade-off in small weapons designs between weight and compact size. }; if (backpack player isEqualTo "B_Carryall_ocamo") then { //Backpack id right now is "" Yesin has suggested that Lebed might be misled because of some loose dummy small-scale nuclear bomb, which have the equal size and weight to the real device. (backpack player isEqualTo "") && {!

it's not really a filter, it's just bad config on unsung's part, they're all scope 1 on top of that. oh, and on top of that they have their own vehicleClass for some reason, go figure. The in-game Carryall is modelled after the real-world "Tortilla" backpack (specifically the "45L" version). [9] Granted to relevancy of the perceived threat of these suitcase nuclear bombs was reconsidered as Yablokov explained that if these weapons were developed in the 1970s, then the warheads would have needed to be replaced twice at that point, a possibility he could not guarantee. if (backpack player isEqualTo "B_OutdoorPack_blk") then { //Backpack id right now is "" Packing a big punch with limited ammo count. The capacity in 5.0 vanilla is based on the ARMA object storage capacity of the bag. Just reset all files back to the vanilla and it seems to have fixed it.

No emotions, no remorse, no regret, only the program. This one handed too/weapon can be used to kill or help create. Persistent secure and insecure storage They can last for many years if wired to an electric source.

But it has nothing to do with what you are talking about.

if (backpack player isEqualTo "B_Carryall_oli") then { //Backpack id right now is "" Soon even Death was a thing of the past as the machine had created new augmented human bodies and cloning systems you could even upload your personality file to the cloud and download it into a new body in case of accidental death (if you could afford it of course). no one asked for your opinion Jk I agree with you.

Eventually expanding into hardware and computer chip manufacturing, the company invented many new devices and useful tools. life_maxWeight = 65; //the weight you want. [12] US Congressman Curt Weldon supported claims by Lunev but noted that Lunev had "exaggerated things" according to the FBI. _bp = backpack player; if (!

/* life_maxWeight = LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"total_maxWeight") + round(FETCH_CONFIG2(getNumber,"CfgVehicles",_bp,"maximumload") / 4); /* }; if (backpack player isEqualTo "B_FieldPack_ocamo") then { //Backpack id right now is "" With our full line of tactical packsfrom daily-duty to medical and everything in betweenwe optimize load-carry and equipment-organization for warfighters around the world.

It's easy. Also the best melee weapon. Autonomous quad-copter that actively searches for clones.

[9] These experiences proved vital in his testimony to come. In only a few short years the Zero Chip had completely re-designed itself and needed constant hardware upgrades to increase its memory and speed, only a few human scientists could even understand what the system was doing most of the time, the code was indecipherable by its human creators, with the corporation spending millions on upgrades and teams of genius's to study its inner workings. }; if (backpack player isEqualTo "B_Kitbag_cbr") then { //Backpack id right now is "" Repeal of prohibition on research and development of low-yield nuclear weapons", United States Government Publishing Office, Monterey Institute of International Studies. On 10/2/2019 at 2:12 AM, imthatguyhere said: Issue with disappearing vitems in backpack, life_maxWeight = 80; //the weight you want. [9] Namely, major concerns regarding the new governments overall security and control of its nuclear stockpile came into question on 30 May 1997 when an American congressional delegation sent to Russia met with General Aleksandr Lebed, former Secretary of the Russian Security Council. Thanks for the guidance.

_bp = backpack player; By _bp = backpack player;

[citation needed], The value of portable nuclear weapons lies in their ability to be easily smuggled across borders, transported by means widely available, and placed as close to the target as possible. {(vestContainer player) addItemCargoGlobal [_x,1];} forEach (_vMags);

life_maxWeight = LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"total_maxWeight") + round(FETCH_CONFIG2(getNumber,"CfgVehicles",_bp,"maximumload") / 4); _bp = backpack player;

_bp = backpack player; life_maxWeight = 45; //the weight you want. [12] The devices, "identified as RA-115s (or RA-115-01s for submersible weapons)" weigh from fifty to sixty pounds. Hunting, Fishing, Tame Dogs, Explore & Loot: Wrecked ships, Abandoned vehicles and buildings, Perform I'm sure there are reason why we can't, such as people trying to exploit and what not. This fully electric motorcycle is fast and dangerous! Much like the Sledgehammer but much more primitive.

life_maxWeight = 20; //the weight you want. }; if (backpack player isEqualTo "B_AssaultPack_mcamo") then { //Backpack id right now is "" ****** Life Variables ******* With an unloaded "mass" of 60 units, it is significantly heavier than most backpacks.

Dedicated / Editor (Multiplayer) / ACE Arsenal. life_maxWeight = 20; //the weight you want. I have returned to the original base code and now every time the player opens and closes the Y menu the backpack adds the base capacity to itself - essentially giving the player unlimited capacity - This was the original problem and why i tried to set individual bp capacities. It was aware of their plan and had already developed a counter measure to prevent it. }; if (backpack player isEqualTo "B_Bergen_sgg") then { //Backpack id right now is "" if (! In addition, the Backpack Pile object contains textures for cyan, red, and orange-coloured backpacks as well.

(backpack player isEqualTo _bp)}) then { Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. life_maxWeight = 120; //the weight you want. _bp = backpack player; Sign up for the MYSTERY RANCH email newsletter and receive exclusive access to new packs, special deals, and updates from the Ranch.

[23], Nuclear weapon that can be transported in a suitcase, This article is about miniature atomic bombs. life_maxWeight = 15; //the weight you want.

_bp = backpack player; life_maxWeight = LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"total_maxWeight"); Armed Assault Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Can be used as a weapon, not really any other purpose since all the toilets have vanished. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: @alganthe was this not fixed with 3.12.1? life_carryWeight = 0; //Represents the players current inventory weight (MUST START AT 0).

"[19] These were known as Green Light Teams. Yablokov himself made a television interview on NTV shortly after Lebed, and also drafted a letter to Novaya Gazeta affirming both the existence of suitcase nukes and the possibility that some may in fact be missing. This one of a kind 2 seater is a blast on the open water. _bp = backpack player; life_maxWeight = 80; //the weight you want.

life_maxWeight = 40; //the weight you want. A beautiful weapon for CQB. But beware, it's fueltank isn't the biggest. devices. life_maxWeight = 20; //the weight you want. A stoneage type weapon used much like the modern hatchet.

[9] During the meeting, Lebed mentioned the possibility that several suitcase portable nuclear bombs had gone missing. any help would be greatly appreciated, /* Adjustment of carrying capacity based on backpack changes */ [13] Lunev said that he had personally looked for hiding places for weapons caches in the Shenandoah Valley area[12] and that "it is surprisingly easy to smuggle nuclear weapons into the US" either across the Mexican border or using a small transport missile that can slip undetected when launched from a Russian airplane. } forEach (_yItems); It will work but the macro "EQUAL" doesn't exist anymore.

A bullpup design that uses 5.56 rounds. */ When in ACE Arsenal items from some mods (in this case Unsung) are missing/hidden for no discernible reason. Nope. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. }; if (backpack player isEqualTo "B_Bergen_rgr") then { //Backpack id right now is "" In these communications, Yablokov claimed to have met with many of the researchers who had a hand in developing suitcase nukes. Backpacks should be able to be stored in houses. {(backpackContainer player) addItemCargoGlobal [_x,1];} forEach (_bMags); Tried that code again - changed all the EQUAL to isEqualTo - loads up and just spawns the player on spawn island. } else { Carryall users will always incur a fairly significant penalty to their stamina in addition to the weight from whatever munitions are being carried.

By 2035 the system had outgrown the earth and using its nano's and automated systems created a giant computer cloud in space to further expand its search for the knowledge of the universe. _bp = backpack player; }; if (backpack player isEqualTo "B_FieldPack_blk") then { //Backpack id right now is "" }; if (backpack player isEqualTo "B_Kitbag_mcamo") then { //Backpack id right now is "" (backpack player isEqualTo _bp)}) then { if (backpack player isEqualTo "B_Bergen_tna_f") then { //Backpack id right now is "" Press J to jump to the feed. Masters of the deep, they guard the treasures left below. Both the United States and the Soviet Union developed nuclear weapons small enough to be portable in specially-designed backpacks during the 1950s and 1960s. pinch. *****************************

Started by two mysterious brothers (their names since lost to history) in 2013 the Epoch Corporation started as a software development and services company. [11] Yablokov also clarified that these devices existed as far back as the 1970s. _bp = backpack player; I have since removed all dynamic weather (including the biggest culprit fog) and it seems to have gotten a little better but the issue remains. While the magazines appear normally in VA, they are flat-out gone in ACE Arsenal.

[citation needed], The existence and whereabouts of Soviet suitcase nuclear bombs became an increasing subject of debate following the disarray that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union.

With over four decades of design and manufacturing experience coupled with simultaneous in-the-field testing and real-world hammering we've learned a thing or two about load transfer, active framing and the importance of using only the most top-shelf materials.

_bp = backpack player;

Start his heart with a well placed shot "[9] Chief among these talks was the matter of Russian suitcase portable nuclear bombs and the circulating rumors of these weapons proliferating in the wild.[9]. Unsung backpacks (outside of 3 of them out of maybe 15+) don't have "non filled" classes, and thus are filtered out just like vanilla backpacks. If you need wood fast this is your tool. i'll change the condition, vehicleClass is indeed not an universal solution, however backpacks that can deploy respawn points will also appear (those tent ones), they also appear in VA, so I guess that'll fix it.

We challenged our design team with developing a lighter weight (without sacrificing durability) and different access options in a new line of assault pack offerings suited for mission-essential or daily-driver gear. _bp = backpack player; The Epoch Corp automated emergency cloning facility. The bare warhead package was an 11 by 16 inches (280 by 410mm) cylinder that weighed 51 pounds (23kg). The Corporates, a small group of rich and powerful humans attempted to free humanity from the grip of this sentient computer. SR-25: Based of the AR-10 this gun has many interchangeable parts.

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