// Y2K Fix, Isaac Not laying on the floor at 63. Could put outlets in base on each side to plug in lights and drills and such too.

Has anyone built themselves a lift table similar to the commercial ones? var months=new Array(13); I have considered lifting the front of the tractor with the chain hoist and get to the blades from there, but to date haven't attempted it. Graduate of the MacGyver Institute of Ingenuity. FK it and go FK yourself. FREE Issue Request I have a lathe , so making all the tubes , bushings and such isn't a problem , just the time to do it all not to mention all the other projects I need to finish . year = year + 1900; Where are you gonna buy steel for that price? Would give you that "just a little Lean" that makes back-aches fast.

The lift table is mostly 2x6 construction and uses an a/c powered winch rated at 1500 lbs. The ASM0704H lift table is identical to the ASM0703H and is supplied with a table width extension set consisting of, The TyreON ASM0704H mower lift table is factory tested for all functions before it is packed as standard with.

The table has a 3/4 lip down the sides. You could even use one of those motorized trailer jacks to raise and lower it if you wanted to get fancy. My plans will include a big enough table to work on other stuff , at least large enough to fit the D-180 , full size Harleys and handle at least 1 ton of weight . Either a twin screw scissor lift or twin x-lift in my opinion spreads out the load enough to safely handle the 2,000lb minimum I need here , it's just getting the geometry correct . Theres a guy around here who bulletproofs powerstrokes. I also have one of these small lift tables from HF and it is a real back saver. I've got a lot of back/leg issues and getting down on the ground is just about completely done for me , for what little time I work on low things now I pay for that for a week and taking enough meds to knock a Horse flat .

It would have been a lot easier to paint the frame of my 317 on that then on the saw horses I used. Thanks for posting! I bought a HF MC Lift and put a 39"(as I recall) wide 3/4 inch plywood top on it. It slides handily under the frame and will lift to 30 inches. Well i have been surfing around looking for some designs for lift tables to try pull best ideas from and have come across a few.

Engine and tran oil changes are no problem on mine.

For the record, once it is up if the cable snaps it is not going anywhere. A family friendly forum community dedicated to all Tractor owners and enthusiasts.

I hear of fellas making lifts or tables to work on.

I use the engine hoist and a sling.

I bough mine for 318.00 and it weighs 800 pounds.


Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more!

My lift is 30x 96 and I can load a mid size bike on it and stand on a corner and jump up and down and no danger of tipping. .Not a complete idiotsome parts are missing.

Intellectual Property Protection

The rotator is sweet for a full restoration. Probably going to require 2 cylinders for that much grunt , but I don't think it will be that tough to design the hydraulic system . It pumps up very easily with your hand and a long lever. That works with a deck on? Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, attachments, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Which would work for me as I jack up the whole tractor with a floor jack and on to stands to get at blades. One guy on garage journal bought one and used it to lift his car. When I lower the winch the cable just goes slack.

Would the legs of the hoist need to slip under the mower deck to lift a GrandStand mower and do they fit under it? I like the idea of being able to roll the tractor out of the way when not workin on. I have my eyes out though for some scrap. lift table scissor mechanical mobile tables relius solutions adjustable lb capacity welding lifts industrial handling material plans metal distributors tool The one for the Atlas/Clausing drill press I'm restoring right now was north of $125 alone , not including any threaded inserts to make it work for a lift .

One of these days I will own an ATV lift table for such things. Tank/motor inclusive units aren't cheap and pretty hard to come by around here , but I'm on the hunt anyway . I thought about a table and ramps with a front mounted winch, but with a little more effort and ingenuity???? It's easy! SO, looking for diff options. I was thinking of building something that could double as a GT parking spot during the winter. Older, weaker that's why I started the thread Marv. Make it of wood (my choice) or metal? They may look fragile in the photos, but the x braces and most of the lift is made from 3/4 inch solid steel plate. I have over 90 videos on various things including the Stillwater bridge and Lyme disease. Copyright 1995-2022 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. It is held on the sides by the 2x6's. I was thinking of buying the HF motorcycle lift and adapting it to a garden tractor but i have heard mixed results on how solid it is built. This is a pic.

FARM SHOW Magazine When I am done fabricating a project the 5 X 6 table go's out.

months[6]="June"; A forum community dedicated to lawn care and landscaping professionals and enthusiasts. Width again might be diff between sizes of tractors. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. They are a third of the price of stores. Harbor Freight makes a high position motorcycle lift.

My plan is to build something like this.

I really need a portable A-frame as well but no idea of where to store the thing without making the place look further like a junk yard , which I don't want .

A scissor style lift which would give you access to the blades on a mower deck or draining fluid from the engine or transmission. Still working on a basic design and the real obstacle is of course the spare cash to get all the iron and parts necessary , as with most things I build . |

The few times I have had a project occupying the lift and had to work on a tractor on the ground, it really made me appreciate the lift! 1-800-834-9665, Motorcycle Lift Adapted For Lawn Mower Work. unhook the winch cable with platform up. Why???????????

If im going to do this im also going to make it able to lift my side by side so there is my reasoning. I have my eyes out though for some scrap. Like a car lift. Works really well. - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, 1999-2022 Alibaba.com. Chock full of whitty banter! Lazada, Browse Alphabetically: Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Terms of Use My only caution is to know whether or not the thing operates on three phase electric. months[12]="December"; Doesn't look wide enough to make it to the center. I figure I have all the tools to make something similar to the harbor freight unit and I wouldn't have any more into it but my time and that's a trade off to have it customized to suit my needs.

Back surgery and a hip replacement makes it harder and harder to get up off my knees these day. OR>some kind of pull-out sides for the bigger ones? I haven't gotten any further than just thinking about it at this point. I notice that you live in Ohio, Illinois If i were you, I would look again at post 10 and try to see that some of those lifts are high capacity and could be modified with the top of your choice.

months[3]="March"; One thing I would like to add is that , IMO, it's essential to make the lift easily movable. I have one of those HF lift tables. var lmonth=months[time.getMonth() + 1]; Be kind to others,You don't have to call the. I always thought it would be nice to have one of those. months[4]="April"; These pics were right after I had gotten the cart. If you look in the lower right hand corner of the pic where the mower is raised to service the deck you will see the front frame resting on the ends of the 2x4's. One guy even recessed his lift into the floor and uses it as a low rise to work on cars. I'm with Racinbob. How high should one build such a table? A bargain at 179.00 and i am pretty sure that you may get by using a 20% off coupon as well. Very nice, I've thought of making one out of steel also, using two channels that adjust to fit tracking width. There's a ton of videos on YouTube that show various DIY units using different methods , the most common is the scissor lifts but there are a few that use a simple arc linkage lift arm style , much more like the heavier industrial floor-mounted lifts , some of which are somewhat portable . You can roll it under a(side to side without a deck on) used the foot pedal to bring it to a comfortable height. WTB: Bolens Villa rear steer riding mower. Got a real great deal on it.

I'm hunting either an air/hydraulic or electric/hydraulic pump unit for the main grunt power and plan to use a long hydraulic cylinder to build my table lift setup . The cart is quite heavy and stable. i found a really neat quick way to make a lift table out of a small motorcycle jack. That it exactly the point I was making - just unhooking the cable won't cause it to crash. My Horses: Toro 520xi, 522xi, 520Lxi parts tractor. I'm working on stuff at my place and not at yours?

SHOP our STORE Tom @Shynonhas a HF lift where he lifts up the whole tractor and sets it on a castered heavy work table he built. | It seems to me that converting a HF motorcycle lift might get expensive.

Scissor lift table for all mobile machines with a track width up to 1 meter such as ride-on mowers, mobility scooters, high-pressure cleaners, motorized tricycles, tractors, karts, quads as well as all heavy and light motorbikes, scooters and mopeds up to 700 kg. Got any pics Tom?

The item you've selected wasn't added to your basket. View basket for details. i would have never thought of that! Sitting on a short stool is the way to go after 50. lawn mower lift mojack ez mechanical


Then when raised its wide open underneath to give clear access to deck. My only issue is the footprint of a scissor lift gets smaller as it goes up , which will transfer weight forward and for what I need to do with some of the things I work on that would be dangerous . The Fake Chicken & Tweety Bird Ranch! lift mower lawn table homemade tractor motorcycle harbor princess freight riding homemadetools bought hello canada similar tractors lifting protected email Nudge the platform rearward. That surplus place in Ohio mentioned previously is a gold mine - I'd be all over that selection of industrial surplus equipment in a heartbeat . i also thought of buying a more expensive lift and adapting it but from what i have found i can build it to my specs much cheaper and it wont be cobbled together. Having a lift customized to suit my specific needs.

So I replaced the 2x6 with a 2x10 and reinforced it with steel. Something went wrong. I use mine all the time. | Suppliers | Showroom

Jack stands alone arent high enough, or would be trouble to get jacked up to them. Hmmmm! At full height, the embossed name Kohler on the engine shroud is right at about eye level. Lots of money, but my joints are worth it if I can ever swing the purchase. Do you have a metal supply house in your area? I had in mind to make a ramp type lift where one end was elevated and supported by an axle. LOL. Add structure/support where needed, but the frame is 4x4's and the deck boards (2x6's) are removable. Over 18,800 Intelligent Posts! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. months[8]="August"; | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy I suppose some sort of stop would be good on front to keep from driving off, yet would have to be low enough so as not to be in way when doing some front axle or other work there. Made a bolt on platform to lift tractor high enough to put on the table, also doubles as a worktop. That's what I do - but after getting it lifted high enough to work on the underside, I use a second chain over the jib crane as a safety - don't really trust the inner workings of the chain hoist..then I can sit on my roll around seat and work on it Any chance to cut out the lift bottom about where the deck would sit and fab up a removable panel? Tmall Taobao World

That takes up a lot less room than mine. | I need a larger footprint than what those table lifts can offer , unless it was cut apart and seriously modified - easier to start from scratch . The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo, http://www.totallyamaha.com/snowmobiles/aaTECH/SledLift/SledLift.htm, http://ontariorodders.activeboard.com/t51615563/homebuilt-hoist-for-tight-spaces-and-low-ceilings/, Outdoor Hub, LLC (d/b/a Carbon Media Group), 30800 Telegraph Rd, Suite 1921, Bingham Farms, MI 48025 USA. var date=time.getDate();

I know a few guys herehave got a motor cycle lift table they put extension wings on hopefully they will chime in as well.

If I can find enough I'm gonna try my hand at building one out of steel.

Wood is stronger than you think. Come join the discussion about specifications, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Either way , it has to get done this summer . If any of you guys can get to Euclid Ohio, these guys usually have lift tables. that is the advantage of the x/arm. It's just gotten too hard to do the usual maintenance work on all my equipment and keep things in good condition both mechanically and cosmetically wise . This works good for me. i have considered using a screw type landing gear jack for a 5th wheel trailer - they are plenty of length and can take a lot more weight stress than most trailer jacks that use cheap screw drives/components . months[5]="May"; I made a lift table like the red one in your pic. This is my setup and it caused under $400. I almost had it made awhile back , a guy scrapped an older 2 post single phase lift that ran on 110v and used hydraulic cylinders - would have been perfect if I could have gotten there quicker , but it went into the scrap pile and ruined the pump unit and cylinders . Breez, From what I can tell steel at retail is kind of expensive. Onetouch Like you all getting down on the floor is a real pain and getting up is even harder. That is just too cool! Has a capacity of 1000 lbs., and is quite nice to be able to roll around the garage with a tractor on it raised or lowered. You are correct about it will crash if I unhook the cable and push it backwards. ASM0704H mower lift table - 1 meter wide table and ramp, Power electric engine / circuit protection, Heavy hydraulic cylinder and quiet in use, With hydraulic oil and tested before packaging, The frame is pre-drilled with anchoring holes, All mower lifting tables are equipped with advanced safety features, The thermal protection cuts off the current in the event of an overload, The mechanical lock also prevents lowering in event of hose break, An overpressure valve protects the lift from damage due to too heavy load, Roll-off protection with a 1 meter wide bracket, Aluminum electric-motor with cooling fins and a fan, TyreCARE - Support and parts are also available at any time, The wheel stopper and 2 adjustable lashing eyes, Hydraulic oil is not included (5 liters hv-iso-32 is optional). // http://onyx.idbsu.edu/~ipowell If I can find enough I'm gonna try my hand at building one out of steel.

According to Scag this mower weighs 1250 lbs.

This is good stuff guys. Gettin' too old to squat down to floor to work on things it seems. I screwed 1x2 to the bottom of the board and it fits perfectly within the lip and prevents the top from shifting.

https://hgrinc.com/?all=1&view&aisle&from&to&markdowns&newarrivals&sort&kw=Lift Table&per_page=24&min_price&max_price&pn=1, https://www.harborfreight.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?dir=asc&order=EAScore%2Cf%2CEAFeatured+Weight%2Cf%2CSale+Rank%2Cf&q=high+position+motorcycle+lift, http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/diy-motorcycle-lift.701077/page-2.

Rather than going nuts on a hyddraulic lift, would guess my options are ramps then? JavaScript is disabled. P.O. I sized it to be able to handle my Scag Turf Tiger. I am missing what the need is for this?

document.write(date + ", " + year + ""); I have about $500 in it, but it is a $3500.00 machine, made in USA, and the guys in engineering took my phone call and gave me ideas on repairing it. For changing blades on my neighbors 1500 pound Toro zero turn I built a drive on ramp out of wood that had been saved up for over 20 years. Also, while wood is plenty strong it does have its drawbacks. I use a cable come-along to pull up the dead ones.

http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/diy-motorcycle-lift.701077/page-2, Look for the Southworth lifts on the above linked thread.

I use the underside of the table as storage as there never seems to be enough storage.

Interesting. I can't readWithout a deck on.As Roseanne Roseannadanna said.Nevermind! Privacy Policy Harbor rates the unit at 1500 pounds, but 750 is enough for me. Sign up for a new account in our community.

I'm considering using one of the 8 ton long style rams with the attached air/hydraulic but not sure if those can run in the horizontal position or not , depends on how the pump is designed . A lift sucks up that square footage whether there is a unit on it or not. Hmmm! my knees are about done from all the stupid stuff ive done so the less time on the floor the better. Lots of great ideas going here. https://hgrinc.com/?all=1&view&aisle&from&to&markdowns&newarrivals&sort&kw=Lift Table&per_page=24&min_price&max_price&pn=1, I got a nice one with no motor but hydraulics intact and then added a Harbor freight hydraulic pump/motorized used on their car lift, It goes 42' high and no way will any bike or Wheel Horse ever tip it over no matter where on the lift you place it. Harbor freight high lift motorcycle lift and work table in the background with storage underneath. // End --> I have in turn uploaded a video to youtube that you can see here: I am not a mechanic or a welder (except on weekends in my backyard on my own equipment usually with a cold one). Learn from the project. This should be an interesting thread. Alipay The ramp is really heavy but I don't want 1500 pounds laying on top of me. has a really nice one. I used to have a dirt bike / atv repair shop and there I had an electric Handy Lift with side extensions and a shop built table with a ramp for pushing bikes up onto. A table gives at least one shelf and maybe 2 that is useful at all times. My Southworth is made in New England and they still carry parts for it Even those smaller 48"x48" units could have their tops extended with little danger of tipping. See the pic. IMO, for home use the table makes more sense. SO, does one make it for the biggest width tractor and reach for rest?

Just have ONE cord to the wall laying on floor?

If anyone has done this or has idea's and suggestions, fire away.

I made my set up of 'mower jack stands'.. to get them up on it I use a converted Harbor Freight ATV winch to lift them.. My video is titled "Blade changing ramp".

Wide variety of motorcycle lifts here.

A 3 ft piece of 3/16 inch steel $18.48 at Lowe's. Will do that or something similar. The cable is not holding things up at that point. Guess casters would be OUT, specially when loading it if driving up on it! A little off the question I know. Order by Phone 800-834-9665, SUBSCRIBE IF my posts offend you, the Ignore button is right up there ^.

Here's one that a guy on my car forum built, would be great for tractors too.

It's barely visible at the bottom of the table. Creates a fun project so as to utilize and gain more experience in my skill set. For product pricing, customization, or other inquiries. Surfed2death, I used a floor jack to raise it up.

The wooden table has since been retired and disassembled. Press the button and it is to full height in about 20 seconds.

I used the lift to gently raise and lower the rear end with the tractor frame hung from the ceiling. Would like to see a pic of a atop that bad boy!

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