Nue Not really, but I do them anyway to grind some incense. Uriel Hereward Mara also requires you to defeat a Powerful Shadow before you are able to fuse and use it, which just goes to prove how decent this Persona is, as many of the best Personas require a little hard work. You should probably hold off on this game until youve experienced the first one (P5) since this is a direct sequel and assumes you have knowledge of past events and characters. Mot is the top choice when it comes to Nuclear Personas, boasting powerful Nuclear attacks, including Cosmic Flare, as well as passive skills that will boost all Nuclear attacks too. Famitsu Article Teased New Features and Confidants Okumuras Palace Persona Compendium Guides This also includes the dungeon that was added in Persona 4 Golden. Armor Arcana Ultimate Persona Shidos Palace

Challenge Battles For example, Persona 5 has the special Treasure Demons that we previously went over in the main enemies guide. To make matters worse, they are quite agile and able to dodge most physical attacks. Makoto Niijima Priestess Confidant Igor Fool Confidant However, he is weak to Bless-based attacks, so just watch out for those. Biyarky New Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews. Kamoshidas Palace William



The key here is to down Wakaba and then deal as much physical damage as possible. She nullifies Ice damage, is strong when it comes to Electric, but is weak when it comes to Nuclear damage, so be sure to swap her out when tackling Nuclear-based foes. Mishima Yuuki

If youve played the Shin Megami Tensei series, also from developer Atlus, that birthed the Persona franchise afterward, you will know the shadows as demons from there. Orpheus Telos Batting Cage

How to Acquire Will Seeds In other depictions, the norns were Giantesses from Jotunheim that ended the golden era of the gods. Futaba (Hermit) The museum idea only made it into Royal. Though definitely not the best-looking Persona out there, Mara is the strongest Fire-based Persona. Takuto Maruki It can vary from shadow to shadow but it generally revolves around the basic statuses for elements. Athena Shidos Palace Persona 5 Royal Shadow Yukiko is immune to light and dark and will drain fire. Seems like no one is able to access the playtest for now. World of Qlipoth Doing so would prevent the roots from rotting. Phantom Thieves Awakened Ultimate Persona Here are the weaknesses and strategies for each of the main bosses that you fight in the various Palaces, including the exclusive one in Persona 5 Royal. Izanagi no Okami Picaro World Arcana The traitorous enemy that is the main villain in Persona 4, too, is none other than Tohru Adachi. Critical hits are mostly chance-based so they are a bit unreliable at times but elemental attacks are more guaranteed. In the case of Persona 3 and its sequel, Persona 4, this came in the form of the Golden Shadows. Answer: When it comes to knocking down enemies in Persona 5, this is one of the most important aspects of that game that you should know about. With the Hierophant, this is another main story boss enemy that has no weaknesses. Challenge Battle


Mini-Game Guides For Justice, it is also immune to both light and dark elemental types. Hierophant Arcana Room Activities

Persona 5 Royal Palace Guides Probably you only use it as a buffer, huh?


Persona Skills Heavy Elec dmg to 1 foe.

How to get more PP for leveling up Personas for Fusion?

Leveling Guide, Palace Boss Guides Fishing Death Arcana Some of the most notable unobtainable enemies that you fight against are the story bosses in the Persona games. Shadow Yosuke is the first boss in Persona 4 and is immune to light and dark. Yaldabaoth (God of Secrets) Guide for the Norn, a Fortune Arcana persona in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Strikers is a sequel to Persona 5 and this game assumes you have knowledge of the characters and plot events which occurred in the first game.

Igor Billiards Star Arcana Quiz Show Orpheus Telos Picaro Chance to strengthen single-target magic by 20%. Tam Lin If you have not played Persona 4 or its Golden variant, you should turn away now. Goro Akeichi Justice Confidant These were Urd for the Past, Verdandi for the Present, and Skuld for the Future. Celestine

Sadayo Kawakami Heavy Electric damage to 1 foe.

You'll keep everything except for key items and story progression stuff. Seth not only looks awesome, but he is the best Gun-based Persona in Strikers.

On the topic of instant kills, Mahamaon learned by Dominion or skill cards is the bless version of Mudo skills, so you'll be able to insta-kill a wider variety of enemies immune to curse, and vice versa. Thieves Den Rewards Landing technical hits with Nuke and Curse should chew through Norn's health. Lovers Arcana

Can exceed 100% limit. The Norn is similar to the the Fates sisters of Atropos, Clotho, and Lachesis.

Acquiring Will Seeds Chance of inflicting Shock. New Costumes and Outfits Jose, Confidant List and Guide Ryuji Sakamoto Chariot Confidant World of Qlipoth That said, if you are still here and would like to know more about the traitor in Persona 4, continue reading. Munehisa Iwai Hanged Man Confidant He was proud to be able to eventually spread his passion into the Shin Megami Tensei series and be there in time for the launch of Persona 5, which is one of his favorite games of all time. Gabriel Penguin Sniper This Persona enemies guide is here to offer you a glimpse at most of the enemies that you are going to face in the game and what they are all about. Billiards September Persona 3 kicked off the trend of having special shadows that you could encounter in the middle of dungeons. Social Stat Guides

8. Okumuras Palace Awakened Ultimate Persona Phantom Thieves Third Tier Persona The Golden Shadows are also in Persona 4 and its Golden variant but the difference is that they will not run from you upon sight, which is great, in Persona 4. Izanagi no Okami These are rare enemies that you can encounter in the Palaces in that game. What are the BLACK transmutation items for. Mementos Overview and Features Jazz Jin

Toranosuke Yoshida

Lastly, some special enemies are unique to certain competitions, like the Golden Shadows in 3/4 and the Treasure Demons in 5.

Haru Okumura Empress Confidant When it comes to Wind-based Personas, Norn is the top choice and it's an added bonus that it has plenty of decent Healing skills too, arguably making it more effective than the best official Healing-based Persona in Strikers. Persona with Special Characteristics

Shadows are also divided up across various Arcana, which are the different categories that they fall under. Please try the open beta branch for Persona 5 Strikers! Al Azif


Sadayo Kawakami Temperance Confidant Copyright 2022 Persona Fans | An Avid Interactive Media Company | Powered by Astra WordPress Theme. Support Skills

Diego Kaneshiro has no notable weaknesses or resistances. In this double battle, Chariot is immune to both light and dark, and that is it. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Niijimas Palace Confidant Gift Guide This is where the spoilers start to kick in as you fight human enemies for the first time in this boss battle. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Akechi (Justice) Joses Shop and Services English/Chinese Version Release Date Inadvertently Revealed Game Controls, Tips and Strategies For the next boss, we have the Hanged Man who has powerful attacks and the standard resistances of immunity to both dark and light. I find it more like an action RPG as well than a basic hack-n-slash. Maid Cafe Kunino-Sagiri is immune to both light and dark.

Yoshitsune is undoubtedly the best Physical-based Persona in Strikers. Fast Money Earning Guide Kaneshiros Palace

Unfortunately, they do run, though, in the Golden remake. Magician Arcana

Answer: This question, specifically, is a huge spoiler that you should be aware of. It's weak to Electric and Curse attacks, but nullifies Wind, and drains both Psy and Nuclear-based attacks. August

He is only available in New Game Plus and you have to be level 90 in order to fuse him, but he's well worth getting because of his slew of strengths. Do not use this at all costs since it will replenish the health of this boss enemy with any electric attacks you do. Strength Arcana I am going to keep the spoilers out as much as possible but there is no getting around the names of some of these characters you fight.

In each of these dungeons that you go to throughout the story of the game, there are different bosses that you will fight. Weapon Cure all non-special ailments for one ally. Farming Flowers and Stamps It also nullifies Curse attacks, drains Ice, and is strong when it comes to Nuclear.

We are going to focus the Persona enemies guide on introducing you to shadows in the series, noting the story bosses that you fight throughout the main story of some of the games, and also talking about the unique enemies that you can also fight in the series like human enemies and more.

With a little mixture of sand, they would then pour this over the roots of Yggdarasil. Niijimas Palace

Be sure to take a look at our general Persona gameplay guide to better understand the turn-based system and how it all works. Unlocking Showtime Attacks, Persona 5 Story Walkthroughs Mishaguji Persona Overview Shinya Oda Tower Confidant July Vanadis Physical Skills Priestess Arcana Lock Down This Persona is a powerhouse when it comes to Electric and Physical-based attacks, but it does have a couple of weaknesses going against it. 2022 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. April Knowledge Consultant Arcana

Mot is strong when it comes to Gun attacks, drains Electric, nullifies Curse, but is weak to Wind-based attacks. Batting Cage Update Seriously, Kaguya wrecks anything not immune to bless. Crafting Infiltration Tools It is simply immune to both light and dark so use your best attacks here. Next: Persona 5 Strikers Complete Guide And Walkthrough. You should not use light or dark since it is immune to those or electricity since it will repel that and damage you in return with your attacks. Faith Arcana Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Consultant Arcana Fortune Arcana Fafnir But they are one of the few examples of demons in Persona.

Phantom Thieves Initial Persona Vending Machine Drinks Macabre

Haru Okumura In Persona 5, the Golden Shadows are traded out for the new Treasure Demons. Ichiko Ohya In the case of Jin Shirato, he has no notable weaknesses and can repel both dark and fire attacks. Gorokichi

Shinya Oda August Emperor Arcana However, in the Persona games, they are known as shadows, and this is likely because the series is about the manifestation of the other-self, which is the Persona. As such, magic and ranged weapons are the recommended abilities that players should be used against them. Ella Looking to build the perfect Persona team?

Mercurius Faith Arcana However, in this series, they are known as shadows only. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. We are even going to break down specific boss fights and give you some tips for how to best defeat those enemies.

Though she is rather creepy, Alice is the best Curse-based Persona in Strikers and has the best chance of insta-killing your foes.

Defeating Bosses

System Difficulty To help with this, we are going to list off all of the shadows that you will encounter across the series. He started with the very first game and when in sequential order before catching up with Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden cemented his love for the series. Different Game Endings Shadow Cleaner They are some that are required to proceed in the story while others might be optional to certain dungeons or quests. Hifumi Togo Anat

Chimera You can find her often retweeting/liking Yakuza-related tweets @megpelliccio. Milady Unfortunately, Treasure Demons cannot be used in combat. Players cannot only fight these shadows but collect most of them as well, adding them to their arsenal for use in battle.

He is also resistant to physical attacks but is weak to electric so be sure to use that as much as possible. Madarames Palace Ann Takamaki Lucifer is strong when it comes to Physical, Fire, Ice, Electric, and Wind elements, he nullifies Gun attacks, and he drains Curse. The Persona series has established a formula so far throughout its six mainline games, and it has to do with the shadows that you fight across the series. In this fight, you take on Jin again and the elemental strategies are the same. Judgement Arcana Nuke is still its weakness, I just fought one.

Mara nullifies Gun and Curse-based attacks, drains Fire damage, and is strong when it comes to Nuclear and Bless.

Time-Based Mechanics

It is a double battle against two humans. Tycoon, Phantom Thieves of Hearts Izanagi no Okami This is the most sure-fire way of making this feat happen. For Marie/Kusumi-no-Okami, she repels light and dark and is resistant to physical attacks.

Confidant Meetup Locations Yusuke Kitagawa Persona Compendium Ichiko Ohya Devil Confidant

Third Tier Persona Foggy Day Challenge Battle Mini-Boss Boss Guides Tower Arcana Fusion Alarm Empress Arcana

Included are Norn's stats, skills, and more. While Seth nullifies Fire damage, drains Wind, and is strong when it comes to Curse, he does have a weakness to Bless so don't use him against Bless-based foes.

Battle Strategies Persona 5 Strikers is no exception to this rule, and so having a variety of Personas with different affinities and weaknesses can make a real difference. Palace Tips and Strategies Do Bond stat increases effectively push stats over the 99 limit? Medium chance of inflicting Dizzy on all foes. You might be able to obtain some bosses through fusion later on but these are required fights that you cannot run from, unlike normal shadows. Tohru Adachi is immune to light, immune to dark, and resists physical attacks. Takuto (Consultant) Even if you have a dedicated healer in your party at all times, it's well worth ensuring that Joker has his own Healing Persona too and the best choice for that role is Sarasvati.

But she is weak to wind, so be sure to use that. As well as being able to learn "Riot Gun", the best Gun-based skill, he also has some brilliant passive skill buffs to help out.

You will assume the role of a second-year high school student who becomes a Persona-user through an unexpected incident. For the final fight against Takaya Sakaki, the elemental strategies are the same. Norn is neutral to Fire, so Ann should be able to set Norn on fire, allowing Nuke abilities to deal Technical Hits. Munehisa Iwai Persona 5 Strikers: Best Persona For Each Element Type, Persona 5 Strikers: Guide To Treasure Demons, Persona 5 Strikers: Every Forgotten Desire Location, Persona 5 Strikers: Every Dire Shadow Location And How To Defeat Them, Persona 5 Strikers Complete Guide And Walkthrough, NFT Worlds Collapses As Minecraft Bans NFTs, Meet Murtaugh, The Real-Life Cat That Inspired Stray, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Should Finally Introduce Dual-Type Gyms, Gamers Are Terrible People And We Should Stop Being Okay With It, Fallout: New Vegas Mod Lets You Actually Be A Courier, The Biggest Gaming News For July 17, 2022, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Will Be Showing Some Skin, Pokimane Says That Women Struggle With "Glass Ceiling" On Twitch, I Visited Assassin's Creed Odyssey's Sanctuary Of Delphi In Real Life And I Felt Like I'd Been There Before, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Is Just The Right Amount Of Horny, Lord of the Rings: The Third Age Was More Than Just A Tolkien Final Fantasy Clone, You Can't Switch Off The Gays In Sims 4 Because "LGBTQIA+ Identities Are A Way Of Life", Pokemon's Most Unaccomplished Gym Leader Teaches Us It's Okay To Be Average, Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin's Trials Of The Dragon King Introduces Multiple Player Characters, The Last Of Us Part 1 Gameplay Footage Leaks, Kirby And The Forgotten Land: Flash Fishing Minigame Guide, Elden Ring Is A Top 10 All-Time Best-Seller In The US Already.

New Features in Palaces Unlocking Showtime Attacks The game doesn't really acknowledge either. Tae Takemi Death Confidant Metatron is the best Bless-based Persona in Strikers, and also has some really decent healing skills, including Salvation. With most of the games, there is a gimmick that is associated with them and in the case of Persona 3, the boss enemies are fought at the end of every month in the story. Carmen

September The downside is that she doesn't learn any revive skills by default, but you could always teach her Recarm with a card.

Jazz Jin Kamu Susano-o

Cognitive Politician Ooe Captain Kidd

Hifumi Togo Star Confidant This is because Shin Megami Tensei, the parent series behind the Persona franchise, calls its version of shadows demons. Futaba Sakura Hermit Confidant Adachi is an investigator and the seemingly goofy dude who is looking into the serial murders in the town of Inaba.

Orpheus Telos Picaro Electric Chair Against Shadow Teddie, though, he is immune to light, dark, resistant to almighty, and drains ice. Kasumi Yoshizawa Faith Confidant Cognitive Wakaba Isshiki Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America), Life is Strange: True Colors General Discussions. March

This Persona enemies guide is here to give you the best chance when it comes to taking down the enemies that you fight across the series. Classroom Answers Charm Zorro Kasumi Yoshizawa

Here are some of them I looked at: I believe only Powerful Shadow requests are necessary, but Painful Past requests may also be required according to various guides online. Seiten Taisei The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Agnes RELATED: Persona 5 Strikers: Every Dire Shadow Location And How To Defeat Them. Arcana Ultimate Persona

Additional Walkthrough Guides Atavaka As for how you do it, what you need to focus on are the critical hits and elemental attacks that work best against that enemy.

Azathoth FFXIV Discord lurker and Majima stan. Proficiency But if you use the right element that a Persona is weak to, you will land a more powerful hit and activate the bonus turn in the Press Turn system. The great thing about the Persona series is that the main character is able to wield more than one Persona at any given time, so they can switch up and change their equipped Persona in order to best suit the battle ahead.

New DLC Costumes, New Persona in P5R Morgana Magician Confidant So there's no museum, gallery, anything. English/Chinese Version Release Date Inadvertently Revealed It's unsurprising really that the best Electric-based Persona is Thor who is named after the God of thunder after all. For the Emperor, it is weak to all elements (fire, ice, electricity, and wind) but is immune to everything else. Treasure Demons are difficult to take out but they can drop valuable items and money if you can defeat them. Caith Sith

However, it turns out that Adachi is surprisingly the serial killer behind everything and the one that is causing the murders while simultaneously acting like someone who is trying to solve the situation. There are even human foes in some games. Create shields on party to nullify one instant.

New Features in Mementos These four main categories essentially encompass the entirety of the Persona enemies that you would ever face in the mainline games. Ann (Lovers) Accessories I would bring Joker, Makoto, Ann, and Haru.

In Persona 4, defeating one of these quick enemies will grant you a chest key as well as lots of money. In Persona 5, though, that bonus expands as you will be able to down the enemy, which is not just a grant for allowing for powerful attacks but negotiations, too. Raoul There is neutral where there are no changes whatsoever, weakness where that element will do more damage, and resistance. As such, it is a valuable way of gaining new shadows in Persona 5. I'm assuming it works like Persona 5 where any stat boosting equipment has no effect on personas already at 99 stats. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReportAd. William In Persona 5, the dungeons receive an upgrade to be known as Palaces.

The main purpose for them is filling out the Compendium, which is the compilation of all Personas that you can get in a particular game and fusion as they are great fusion materials for gaining new Persona allies. Raoul But there are some shadows that you are not able to add to your party in the games. The enemies in the Persona series boil down to four main categories that you need to know about: the regular shadows, the story bosses, human foes (usually included in the boss enemies), and the extraordinary shadows. Futabas Palace Importing P5 Saved Data

Recommended Trait Skills Answer: No, Persona does not technically have demons. The catch with these two double bosses is that they are opposites of one another. Updated Confidant Guides These shadows were introduced in Persona 3 and have been featured in every mainline game since then. Caroline & Justine Shadow TV President Magic Skills If you can defeat one of the Golden Shadows, you can earn coins for money, weapons, and even some medals for a side quest. Daily Activities On the side of Strength, it is the same situation. Kamoshida has no notable weaknesses or resistances. Every Persona and character in the series has its own set of elemental weaknesses and strengths.

Kamoshidas Palace Apologies if I got it wrong. Arcana is based on the Tarot cards and their various forms like Death, the Empress, Lover, and so on. Souma Ria will forever be my favourite girl, probably recounting the days in persona 4 when norn was the fortunes best persona and its best usage was as a buffer, Can you taste The Angel's extraordinary skill?- Angel, Just a wall, and kind a nostalgic when i see norn, i made tri auto norn on persona 4 XD, heh nostalgic no doubt of max ranking naoto i reckon.

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