The same design principals that have seen surfboards evolve generally apply to handplanes. All of our handplanes come with a singe large concave, this dramatically increases the boards surface area creating large amounts of lift whilst simultaneously creating suction and grip to the waves face. Individually signed & handcrafted, 4mm neoprene & streamlined water-resistant mesh, Perfect all-round handplane shape for any ability or age.

It can be surprising the differences there are in something that is pretty small. A tree planted for every timber handplane sold. When you are swimming, every stroke you take with your handplane strapped to your hand, needs to penetrate the the water easily.

Towards the end, when we get into the sanding, you may find it helpful to lay a cloth on the table to reduce the risk of picking up any marks or dents although I often find that by this point I will stop using the clamps and will hold the handplane in my hands to sand it.

This year, on the summer solstice, James thought it would be nice to enjoy the ocean at sunrise and sunset and try to capture the state of the sea Yup, we have a boring white van and need help

We will be doing most of the work on your handplane with the top side facing down and the underside (with the pencil drawn templates) facing up. You don't currently have any products in your basket.

Riding those waves was the objective when we started on this journey, so its important that you take the time to enjoy these moments.

It still needs to float though. Im working on a new one created from a re-purposes plastic tray. I will definitely use it for future projects, though. The deep concave leads into a sharp rail which not only enables you to make turns at speed it also can be used on the really steep waves to lock yourself in higher up the wave and maintain your position.


Outstanding performance at every level makes this handplane the go-to model for all ages, abilities and wave conditions. This helps you get across a wave faster, enabling you to make sections easier and extending your bodysurfing ride. I'm always looking for a new project to work on, so I figured I would make my own. Instead of just buying a handplane, I actually went and bought a 5 inch orbital sander. Time to get the handplane in the sea and test it in various conditions to learn how it behaves and how to use it to make the most of the waves. Certified Australian made from sustainably grown Australian Paulownia timber which is both ultra light and durable making it ideal for body surfing handplanes.

A handplane is a planing device that is strapped to the hand and provides lift and reduces drag whilst bodysurfing and allows the rider to turn and change direction with ease.

You are aiming to remove all of the wood outside your pencil line of your template, but will hopefully still see the pencil line at the end.

Meet the AR2, the All Rounder version 2.0 with a deeper single concave and a newly refined tail outline.

Use the rougher (120 grit) sandpaper first and work your way over the whole handplane. There has been an explosion in handplanes on the market, ranging from wood, fibreglass, plastics, foam, and even 3D printed cardboard. It is a planing surface. 2022 Garage Handplanes. I find that very experienced bodysurfers are very comfortable catching waves and generally prefer a slightly smaller board makingit easier to do tricks. So take it steady, enjoy the process and know that there is now right or wrong way to do it. Concave shapes also create a high-pressure zone that increases lift and drive (a little bit like how an aircraft wing generates lift by creating a high-pressure zone under the wing), whilst helping you suck onto the edge of a wave face. If you have any further questions, feel free to drop us an email. Yes, one body surfing hand plane is all you need (they don't come as a set). Hopefully I will make it to the beach this summer for an action shot! Some people just drill out a hole to grab onto, but I think the handle offers more control.I left two holes from the skate deck and tied simple knots to hold it in place tightly.

Mount Pleasant Eco Park,

The handplane just needs to add a little extra surface area to your palm to be effective.

However, everything is a compromise.

The reason you need to be gentle is that a saw will do all of the work for you, so you do not need to put any excess force or pressure into the cutting action. I love bodysurfing! So with this in mind, were hoping to remove a huge part of the excess timber, cutting to about 3-4mm outside of the line of our template. The act of planning is all about decreasing the drag of a bodysurfer, lifting them out of the water and giving you a dramatic increase in speed. Tracing the board outline and drawing it out with a paper grocery bag helped a lot.

Hopefully minimising the risk of damage to your table.

Cornwall, TR4 8HL, Otter Surfboards 2022 Registered VAT no. Below is a bit of a guide that might help.

I even made a velcro safety leash. Did you make this project?

Youll need to assemble it by slotting the blade into the rattan handle.

Love hand planes!

We make handplanes using a high-density EPS foam, and laminating this with fibreglass and epoxy resin. The narrow teeth cut into the wood, and are less likely to pull at the grain and cause tear-out, so the saw rasp allows you to shape the blank back to our desired outline with much less risk.

All our handplanes are the same shape, just aesthetically different. So, how do you choose one of our handplanes?

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It took 2 days of sanding to get it where I wanted it.

If someone else can make it, why can't I? You might find a deep concave helps a board hold a wave face at particularly step local shore break. I always find it easiest to work from the corner of a table/workbench so you can hang part of the handplane off the corner for easier cutting and rasping. Once the oil has cured, its time to get out there. By using the sanding block all the time, youll find it easier to keep the handplane smooth. I thought about the shape for a while. You have any advice on the measurements of a good hand plane?

The planning area can be increased by shaping techniques like concave hulls.

The outline of our templates take inspiration from classic surfboard templates, but we have also experimented with some shapes that we are intuitively drawn to and seem to match the dimensions of our hands better.

About: All about DIY. Individually handmade using sustainably harvested timber and with its stylish arrow design the WAW Arrow Fish is one of our premium handplanes. To get to work on your handplane, it is a good idea to clear a space on a workbench or table.

Finally finished with 220 grit sandpaper for a nice, smooth finish. The handplanes can mark easily, so make sure the surface you are working on is smooth and clear of any dust or lumps.

It is worth constantly checking this throughout the making.

Weve done this because foam can be shaped easily and is super light and buoyant. Choose your style! Started with 80 grit sandpaper for the shaping.

One thing that is quite different about handplane design requirements that dont apply to surfboards is the minimisation of spray and splash. Stitch and Glue Canoe With Cedar Strip Top, Be Seen! There will be a few things that will influence your decision here, but typically the larger the handplane the more lift and speed you will be able to generate, but the less maneuverable it will be. Since the skateboard had a lot of holes in it, I worked around them so I would only have to fill in 2 holes. You should add an action pic of you using it! Individually signed & handcraftedwith love and precision in Australia. I have seen these Handplanes around for sale ranging from $30-200. You also don't want something strapped to your hand that sits too high in the water. Fibreglass is both strong, and hydrodynamic.

The deep concave leads into a sharp rail which not only enables you to make turns at speed it also can be used on the really steep waves to lock yourself in higher up the wave and maintain your position. By providing lift, reducing drag and enabling increased control and manoeuvrability, they allow experienced bodysurfers to take their surfing to the next level by riding the wave for longer, going faster and having more control. Great.

Once we have finished all of the sanding and shaping, we sign the handplanes and begin oiling it.

Yes, one handplane is all you need (they don't come as a set). Another one I made I used short stainless steel bolts, and my next attempt I will see how a couple rivets work.

When a unbroken wave approaches a body surfer and the bodysurfer swims in the direction in which the wave is flowing, there is a sudden increase in swimming speed, with the handplane outstretched on an extended arm (essentially a handboard) it begins to AQUAPLANE across the surface of the water, enabling the surfer to apply downward pressure, and thus create LIFT, allowing the bodysurfer to plane ON TOP of the waters surface rather than through it.

A flattish mid-section of the hull for speed, and a concave in the rear section to give you lift and drive. We are aiming to keep the outline of the handplane perpendicular (square) to the bottom of the handplane at this point, so that the template stays true throughout the thickness of the handplane.

A hard rail is one with a corner on the bottom of it and this is the one that will generate the most lift. Light weight, comfortable and powerful, youll never miss a wave with these on your feet. When we talk about the shape of a rail, we are thinking about its cross-section. This leaves enough tolerance to allow for most inaccuracies, but also doesnt leave us with a mountain to climb in the next stage. handplane tail

One of our team riders demonstrating the holding power of the deep concave and sharp rail.

it wont slip about on the waters surface. Fold the template in half so when you cut it out it will be symmetrical.

We also add a fin to our design. There is no prize for finishing quickly and the only way you can improve your technique will be by sawing slowly enough that you can be aware of all of your movements.

Relating the shapes back to our hands and making them more human in their design seems to be the best way to go. The WAW Handplanes Arrow Fish is designed to enhance the entire bodysurfing experience by creating lift and control, allowing the bodysurfer to surf easier, faster and for longer. A handplane is a planing device that is strapped to the hand and provides lift and reduces drag whilst bodysurfing and allows the rider to turn and change direction with ease.

This changes a little with experience.

My general rule is that a physically bigger person can handle a larger sized board, whilst smaller people should tend towards a smaller sized board. I gave it a little more flare by painting the tail this beautiful turquoise. Laugh. All that happens through use is that you learn to enjoy the one youve picked and the longer you use it and the more conditions you take it out in, the more connected and in-tune with it youll feel.

If you look at your handplane, youll notice we have made it out of three layers of cedar. Summer is well and truly here!

Below is a ready reckoner, but at the end of the day, there is no such thing as the wrong choice! Each material has its pros and cons and Im likely to upset someone by advocating one over the other. How did you attached the strap on the bottom to the handplane?

Trust your hands, they will likely pick up on things that your eyes cannot see. Thanks!

In the workshop we have a rack of Japanese pull-saws for doing this and if you bought a tool kit from us, this is what youll have in front of you.

Make sure that all of your movements follow the direction of the grain; we do not want to introduce any marks that go across the grain at this point as they become very hard to remove. Note the height of which the bodysurfer is positioned on the wave. This adds further directional control, allowing the bodysurfer to pick a line on a wave without sliding sideways.

With this in mind, we continue to use the saw rasp to round over the top of the rail, making sure to leave the bottom edge well alone. The amount you round over the top of the rail is completely up to you.

Do this by cutting a series of straight lines that come close to the outline of your template, dont try to bend the blade to follow any curves.

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