margin-top: 0px !important; margin-bottom:30px; #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel { } padding-top: 0px !important; } margin-bottom: 0px !important; margin-right:8px; color:#ffffff !important; As most of skills are Wrath consumption, the runes I have chosen for Steed is Wrath generation. The Monk never lack of ability to survive, we have the best defense skills in all classes. line-height: 26px !important; } }

position: absolute !important; #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-body{ The range is being increased overall for each cast of Teleport. font-family: FontAwesome !important; Tomas Hernandez is owner of since 2003. padding-top: 0px !important; background-color:transparent !important;

Play style:Now the main play is to kill Elites. Resplendent Chests will give better loot. Many skills that spend Fury feel great, but when it comes time to generate Fury the single-target options dont feel meaty compared to the generators that can hit more than one target at a time. #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title a, #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title a:hover, #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title a.collapsed, #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title a.collapsed:hover { Increased base skill damage from 155% + 40% to 185% + 40% weapon damage, Increased damage from 65% to 105% weapon damage per dart, Increased amount of Mana returned from 25 to 50, Increased damage from 275% to 425% weapon damage over 4 seconds, Damage over time from Flaming Dart can now stack with itself, Stun chance increased from 25% to 33%-35%, Increased base skill damage from 216% to 324% weapon damage, Increased damage from 238% to 383% weapon damage, Increased damage from 259% to 400% weapon damage, Increased damage from 560% to 880% weapon damage, Increased base skill damage from 1465% over 6 seconds to 4000% over 12 seconds. #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title > a{ }, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Death breaths new life into Sanctuary 2.7 Million copies of Reaper of Souls Sold, Blizzplanet Preview Garwulfs Corner: An Odyssey into Diablo and the World Beyond the Video Game, San Diego Comic Con 2012: Blizzard Entertainment Schedule, Blizzplanet Review: Diablo II: Resurrected. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Frozen Orb was chilling for longer than intended, Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the Frozen Orb bonus damage radius was hitting a larger area than intended, Reduced maximum allowed teleports from 4 to 3, Bug Fix: Arcane Dynamo now properly grants bonus damage to channeled spells, Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Electrocute was granting double the intended amount of Arcane Power when used with Prodigy, Nephalem Obelisks now have a short cast time before they activate, Adjusted the potential layouts for Sewer and Aqueduct style dungeons to include more randomized options, Level 70 crafted sets no longer require Flawless Royal gems and instead now require Marquise gems, The drop rate of unique Legendary crafting materials has been significantly increased, This matches the drop rate of Deaths Breaths, Deaths Breaths are no longer required for level 61-70 Rare crafting recipes, Legendary crafted shields now provide the correct amount of Block Value for their level, The treasure from Resplendent Chests has been improved to feel more resplendent, Malthael is now much more afraid, and will more consistently drop the Reapers Fear Legendary crafting material, Legendary Follower relics will no longer roll incorrect Primary stats, Gloves of Worship no longer grant 60 minute buffs for Empowered or Fleeting Shrines, Damage from ghosts with the Soul Siphon ability has been reduced. font-size: 18px !important; But under the circumstance of high weapon damage of ROS, the accessory damage increase is too small. #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title a{ position: absolute !important; Many of the Crusaders Wrath spenders are below where we would like, while Heavens Fury Fires of Heaven was over-performing.

color:#000000 !important; font-size: 18px !important; } color:#ffffff !important;

Your donatives will help us travel to all the Blizzard events we attend year-round.

#accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title > a.collapsed:hover:after{ } } transition: 0.4s ease !important;

Some crafting changes too. #accordion_pro_47379 .ac_title_icon{

Two skills on the Wizard, Arcane Orb Frozen Orb and Electrocute, have bugs with their implementation. Subscribe to get super Discount Coupon from Diabloiiigold. display:block; margin-bottom: 0 !important; Shield Bash: cost 30 WrathBash all enemies in front and cause 350% weapon damage plus 100% shield block amount as damage as holy.

margin-top: 0px !important; } If you have more items with holy skills damage increase items, you would find this build more rewarding. padding-bottom: 0px !important; As Crusader is special at Shield, I have chosen two skills to increase the Block Strength to increase DPH. I have interviewed book writers and Blizzard game developers. #wps_accordion_pro_47379{ Buy Safe Diablo 3 Gold at enjoy the comfortable shopping experience!

#accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title > a{ background: #ffffff !important; I post news about World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard Careers, and the Warcraft film. Ultimately, this brings these skills back in line with other Wizard skills, which is why we chose to implement these fixes. The shield would strike three enemies nearby. margin-top:0px !important; Improvements:Increase Attack Speed. line-height:1.5 !important;

This is true to me. Monks are currently in a fairly comfortable place, but as with all aspects of the game, we will continue to monitor them and make changes as needed. #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title > a > i{ } background:#a50000 !important; As a result, the Wormhole rune is receiving a reduction in the number of successive casts that can be completed. font-family: FontAwesome !important; margin-top: 0 !important; color: #000000 !important; border-top: 1px solid #e50b00 !important; #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title > a.collapsed:hover:after{ #accordion_pro_47379 a:hover, #accordion_pro_47379 a:focus{ We are making a few adjustments to improve Steed Charge. } Increase damage items. } margin-bottom: 3px !important; background:#a50000 !important; If there are a lot of monsters around the Elites, you can use the Laws of Valor to decrease the Wrath consumption. Blessed Shield: cost 20 WrathHurl a celestial shield at enemies, dealing 280% weapon damage and 100% of shield block amount as damage. #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title > a.collapsed:after{ } #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-body_inner{ #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title > a > i{ }, #wps_accordion_pro_49582{ width:100%; Our staff are volunteer fans like you. display:block; Increased base damage from 150% to 185% weapon damage, Increased damage from 210% to 270% weapon damage. } line-height:16px !important; You may be interested with more ROS news like: Top Four Things You would Like to Know About Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls. vertical-align: middle !important; Punish: generate 5 Wrath per HitSmash your enemy for 140% weapon damage and heighten your battle senses, increasing your block chance by 50% for 5 seconds. We still want Steed Charge to be useful in combat, so were also increasing the damage on damage-focused runes. transition: height 0.6s; #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title > a:hover{ color:#ffffff !important; border: 1px solid #e50b00;

margin-top:0px !important; #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title > a.collapsed:after{ } } outline: none !important; Greatly increased the survivability of pets summoned by several items and skills, including: All Town hubs have had the placement of the Nephalem Rift Obelisk, Orek, and Kadala adjusted to help reduce the chance of accidental clicking, The Blacksmiths Belongings box in Act I no longer has collision. Teleport is receiving some changes to allow it to work in more situations. #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title { #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title > a:hover i{ box-shadow: none !important; line-height: 26px !important; color:#ffffff !important; Increased base damage from 170% to 215% weapon damage, Increased chance to stun for 1.5 seconds from 30% to 35%, Increased additional damage from 80% to 100% weapon damage, Increased base damage from 120% to 155% weapon damage. Overall, this is a buff. text-decoration:none !important; After a round, the monsters would almost be cleared. content: "\f067" !important; padding: 0 !important; font-family:Arial !important; Increased base middle shot damage from 160% to 200% weapon damage, Increased base side shot damage from 80% to 100% weapon damage, Bug Fix: Fixed a bug causing the side shot damage to be lower than the amount listed, Increased the damage of the side shots from 160% to 200% weapon damage, Increased the range of the side shots from 50% to 80% to match the range of the middle shot, Increased base damage from 125% to 155% weapon damage, The damage reduction from this rune will now be reflected in the Toughness display. Helm, Boots and Shield.Diablo 3 Rare Helm for Crusader to increase damage. display:block; Unfortunately, these bug fixes do have the side effect of weakening these skills. The cooldown and duration of the skill have both been reduced. color:#000000 !important; Most players value Bounties entirely based on how quickly they can be completed. background-image: none !important; Previously, you could cover 140 yards in 4 casts and now you can cover 150 yards in 3 casts. #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title > a:hover{ #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-body p{ transition: 0.4s ease !important; top:calc(50% - 25px) !important; Have this remind you of Barbarian Hammer of the Ancients? } padding: 15px 15px 15px 50px !important;

color:#ffffff !important;

} color:#000000 !important; margin-bottom:10px !important; } } #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title > a.collapsed:after{ border-radius: 0px !important; Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Crusader Holy Damage Skycutter Build. } To increase DPHIn the old version of Diablo 3, the traditional way to increase the DPH is to get the maximum damage and minimum damage from the accessories. font-size:16px !important;

color: #000000 !important; Supporting Skill: You can choose between Shield Bash and Blessed Shield.Pound: Shield Bash cause 550% weapon damage and 150% block holy damage, range decreased to 8 yards.

We are toning back Fires of Heaven while increasing the potency of most of the other Crusader spenders to encourage greater build exploration.

Bug Fix: Fixed an issue preventing the 5 seconds of paused Fury degeneration after casting War Cry from working. } margin-left: 0 !important; overflow:hidden; #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-body{ #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title > a.collapsed:after{ color: #ffffff !important; Maximum number of Poison Enchanted globules has been reduced from 4 to 3 per cast, Poison Enchanted is now triggered with more variation in timing from Champion packs, The Kill Malthael quest is now required to be completed before Malthael will drop loot, The Crazy Climber event now requires players to kill the monsters spawned during the event to complete, The Jar of Souls event now spawns additional monsters in Torment I and higher, The Matriarchs Bones event now spawns additional monsters in Torment I and higher, In Campaign Mode, Manglemaw now only drops loot and gives XP before the player progresses to the Chancellors Tomb quest, Fixed an issue where game objects were prioritized over chat links in the chat window, Fixed an issue where players were sometimes unable to click on chat links at the bottom of the chat window. #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title a, #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title a:hover, #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title a.collapsed, #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title a.collapsed:hover { } Duration of each Poison Enchanted globule reduced from 8 to 6 seconds. } "Rune: Divine WellAttack enemies within 20 yards and 12% weapon damage as Holy damage. After the Belle flies into a rage, Divtion beat it within 5 minutes! font-weight:500 !important; #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-body{ background:#3a0000 !important; background-image: none !important; If you are experiencing technical issues with the patching process, connecting to after installing the patch, or errors while playing a newly-patched game, please visit our support site or post in the Technical Support forum for assistance. #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-heading{ }

According to the features of Skycutter of low DPH and Holy Damage, I decide to build my Improve my Crusader in this direction. After a long time of Barbarian play, I would like to use this skill as Hammer of the Ancients.

#accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title a{ background:#a50000 !important; font-size:16px !important; color:#ffffff !important;

display: block !important; In Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls, one items can drive you to another build.

} When the normal monster almost die, use Phalanx to ensure that Bowmen damage the Elites. padding-bottom: 0px !important; content: "\f068" !important; position: relative !important; font-family:Arial !important; } #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-heading{ margin-top: 0 !important; } color:#ffffff !important; border-radius: 0px !important; #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title > a.collapsed > i{ I was previously an employee of the OGaming Network (2003), and IncGamers (2008-2010). The Witch Doctor was lacking good options for when they were low on Mana. color:#000000 !important; Many skills that spend Hatred feel great, but when it comes time to generate Hatred the single-target options dont feel meaty compared to the generators that can hit more than one target at a time. } height: 60px !important; border-radius: 0px !important; #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title > a:hover i{ As a result, we are increasing the potency of a few single-target generators to be more competitive. As it is one hand weapon, the high the attack speed, the quicker the Wrath Regeneration. font-weight:500 !important; outline: none !important; color:#ffffff !important; color: #000000 !important; #accordion_pro_49582 a:hover, #accordion_pro_49582 a:focus{ Were removing the ability for Steed Charge to break stuns, which allows us to focus on Steed Charge being primarily a mobility skill that can still get you out of root effects, such as Jailer. /* open close icon option */ margin-bottom: 0 !important; Diablo 3 Reaper Of Souls Crusader One Hand Holy Damage Build, Diablo 3 PTR 2.0 Monk Fist Skills Proc Coefficient Guide, ROS PTR Legendary Bow Cluckeye Damage Testing, ROS PTR Witch Doctor DOT Build in Torment IV, Diablo 3 ROS Legendary Chest Armor Cindercoat Analysis. )Holy Cause (Your weapon holy damage increased by 10%. )Righteousness (Your primary skill generate additional 3 Wrath. } transition:0.4s ease !important; A lack of attractive Signature spells results in builds primarily focused on sustaining Mana for long periods of time.

vertical-align: middle !important; margin-bottom:30px;


Overall, this makes the total uptime for the skill slightly higher and, more importantly, youll be able to hit the button more often. #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title > a:after, Tips: Asheara SetTwo set would get 100 all elements resistance. } There are no Monk changes at this time.

text-decoration:none !important; So while not literally Everyone hates the Same Diablo 3 Bounties, theres pretty wide agr We are glad to share the D3 expert player Divtion challenge the powerful Belial in Hardcore T6. #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title > a > .ac_title_img_icon{ Haunt has received some changes to provide a low-Mana option as well as to emphasize options for a damage-over-time (DOT) play style. width: 60px !important; display: block !important; font-size:16px !important; padding: 0 !important; text-decoration: none !important; } background:#a50000 !important; #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title > a{ Of course, you can replace it with rune Roar to increase the damage as well. color:#000000 !important;

Phalanx- BowmenFour Bowmen, each with 10 arrows. #accordion_pro_49582 .ac_title_icon{ margin-bottom: 3px !important; The single-target Wrath generator spells, Punish and Justice, dont feel meaty compared to generators that can hit more than one target at a time. } box-shadow:none !important;

overflow:hidden; width: 60px !important; } box-shadow:none !important; Source From:

You can repeat Punish ->Shield Bash -> Punish -> Shield Bash. background:#3a0000 !important; If you can get 40% wrath consumption reduction, it would be reasonable. margin-bottom:10px !important; Fist of Heavens spam. left:0px !important; /* css files */

#accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel{ overflow:hidden; } #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title > a:after, padding: 15px 15px 15px 50px !important; content: "\f067" !important; } As the Wrath would be almost empty, use Punish to increase the generation of Wrath. height: 60px !important; } Do not use the Phalanx first as the target of this skills is random. In the Diablo III, the two essential factors to farm is the qualified viability and stable output capacity. font-size:16px !important; transition:0.4s ease !important; border-bottom: 0px !important; /* css files */ background-color:transparent !important; I have chosen the four seconds rune.Laws of Valor- Unstoppable Force, Passive Skills:Long Arm of the Law (Increase the passive proc effect duration of all Laws for five seconds. #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-body{ #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title > a{ position: relative !important; left:0px !important; font-family:Arial !important; The block rate can be buffed by the Strength and Critical Hit Damage, Items ChoicesWeapon: SkycutterRing: Stone of JordanBracer: Holy skills deal 14% more damage. Main Skill: Punish (Celerity)To increase the Block Chance and generate Wrath quickly, I have chosen rune Celerity 15% to increase the attack speed. margin-left: 0 !important; #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel { Crusaders now take 15% less damage from all sources, Fixed an issue where Rally would not reduce the cooldown of Condemn, Increased pool damage from 95% to 150% weapon damage, Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Icebound Hammer wasnt chilling enemies, Icebound Hammer no longer goes away when exploding, Increased base skill damage from 280% to 340% weapon damage, Increased damage from 105% to 270% weapon damage, Increased damage from 50% to 333% weapon damage, Known Issue: The tooltip for this skill rune does not reflect this change, Increased base skills impact damage from 250% to 340% weapon damage, Increased base skills bolt damage from 210% to 340% weapon damage, Increased damage from 14% to 80% weapon damage, Increased bolt zap search radius from 12 to 18 yards, Increased area of effect damage from 80% to 400% weapon damage over 5 seconds, Increased Arc capsule damage radius from 3 to 6 yards, Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Heavens Tempest was not moving around in its intended pattern, Reduced damage from 950% to 735% weapon damage, Increased base skill damage from 175% to 240% weapon damage, Increased damage from 25% to 30% weapon damage, Hammer of Pursuit now seeks targets more quickly after cast, Increased damage from 200% to 300% weapon damage, Increased base skill damage from 295% to 380% weapon damage, Increased damage from 85% to 160% weapon damage, Increased damage from 200% to 285% weapon damage, Increased damage from 75% to 180% weapon damage, Increased base skill damage from 200% to 270% weapon damage, Increased damage from 70% to 94% weapon damage, Increased base skill damage from 325% to 370% weapon damage, Increased on death proc damage from 550% to 660% weapon damage, Increased damage from 550% to 740% weapon damage, Increased bonus damage from shield Block Chance from 150% to 500%, Reduced base skill cooldown from 25 to 16 seconds, Reduced base skill duration from 2 to 1.5 seconds, Increased damage from 475% to 515% weapon damage, Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the Fire pools were not lasting their full intended duration, Increased damage from 125% to 185% weapon damage, Increased base damage from 400% to 440% weapon damage, Now reduces the cooldown of Steed Charge by 25% and Bombardment by 35%. With the Righteous, every hit can generate 8 Wrath. Cool, out of trouble and movement. #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title > a.collapsed > i{ font-family:Arial !important; border: 1px solid #e50b00; outline: none !important;

} color:#ffffff !important; } } As a result, we are increasing the potency of those single-target generators to be more competitive. content: "\f068" !important; line-height:1.5 !important;

padding: 14.5px !important;

} } Now AOE damage skillsFist of the Heavens: cost 30 Wrath"Call a lightning bolt down from the sky, dealing 440% weapon damage to any enemy within 20 yards. #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-body_inner{ Increase Wrath Reduction. } #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title { text-decoration: none !important; padding: 14.5px !important; #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-title > a.collapsed{ border-top: 1px solid #e50b00 !important; } I have got a Skycutter one hand legendary sword with 40% holy damage. I also post previews and reviews. } } line-height: 26px !important; #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel-body p{ border-bottom: 0px !important;

We are increasing the potency of a few single-target Signature spells to be more competitive so that there are still aggressive options while waiting for Mana to regenerate. } color:#ffffff !important; #accordion_pro_49582 .wpsm_panel{ outline: none !important; line-height: 26px !important; #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title > a.collapsed{ color: #000000 !important; overflow:hidden; color:#000000 !important; When the lightning bolt hits the ground, it splits into 6 piercing charged bolts that fire outward, dealing 320% weapon damage to enemies they pass through. #accordion_pro_49582 .collapsing { box-shadow:none !important;

Three set would get 20% Life bonus. #accordion_pro_47379 .collapsing { color: #ffffff !important; background: #ffffff !important; I was a guest newsposter for GosuGamers (World of Warcraft) a few years ago and for (formerly When you give holy damage, you gain 1% of your maximum Health. } #accordion_pro_47379 .wpsm_panel-title > a > .ac_title_img_icon{ Blizzard Entertainment deployed a new patch to address several class changes, and some people might be glad to hear about elite monsters poison-affix changes. ***Fans who would love to watch Blizzard-related panels and appreciate our efforts can support Blizzplanet's patreon in a monthly-basis, or a one-time basis.

transition: height 0.6s; Maximum Wrath increase to 30), Wrathful(If you have enough EPH, you can replace this with Insurmountable which would increase your Block Chance by 30% if you are surround by 4 or more monsters within 12 yards). display:block; width:100%; line-height:16px !important; border-radius: 0px !important;

font-size: 18px !important; } box-shadow: none !important; The Iron Wolves plan can be found at the North Oasis Purple Snake monster.Gloves: Immortal King's Irons.

top:calc(50% - 25px) !important; And then Shield Bash. Blizzplanet is a leading fansite covering news about upcoming Blizzard Entertainment licensed products. Posted by medievaldragon | Apr 8, 2014 | Diablo 3 News, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls | 0 |. margin-bottom: 0px !important; As a result, we are increasing the potency of Punish and Justice to be more competitive. Most damage are done by this skillSteed Charge- EnduranceIs there any Crusader who would not chosen this skill? /* open close icon option */ font-size: 18px !important; box-shadow:none !important;

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