Key to Genera of Polleninae l Measurement was given in millimeters. The morphological separation of species of Lucilia is not especially controversial thanks to former and more recent detailed studies of these species (Rognes 1991, 1994; Williams and Villet 2014). Possible occurrence in all countries of the Middle East. Deeming JC. C. vicina, thorax, upper, and lower calypters.

J Med Entomol 56:11681174 [, Al-Mesbah HA (2010) A study of forensically important necrophagous Diptera in Kuwait. The new PMC design is here! e

King Abdulaziz University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Received date: May 11, 2016; Accepted date: July 14, 2016; Published date: July 21, 2016, Citation: Al-Shareef LAH (2016) Species Identification of Forensic Important Blowflies (Diptera, Calliphoridae) that occur in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . However, the fauna of blowflies of forensic important was not studied enough in the Arabian Gulf region, and there is not any key to identify species in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They have great medical importance, which relates to their participation in carrion decomposition, facultative parasitism of vertebrate tissues, and mechanical transmission of various pathogenic microorganisms (Norris 1965; Greenberg 1973; Hall and Wall 1995). 2011; Fremdt et al. marginalis showing well developed vibrissae. Zootaxa, 3810, 1-76

Al- Ghamdi et al. The best way to contact me is via e-mail or marginalis showing upper, and lower calypters. They have therefore not been included in the present key. Strong setae on the bodies of flies are prone to damage, again, especially in specimens that are weathered or that have been preserved in EtOH. Ch. Necrophagous blowflies are among the most ubiquitous insects occurring in anthropogenic ecosystems. megacephala, thorax, lateral. Figure 6: Lateral view of thorax in Ch. Figure 11: Lateral anterior view of Ch. Figure 26: Dorsal view posterior part of female abdomen. Ukrainskaya Entomofaunistika 5:1128, Wallman JF (2001) A key to the adults of species of blowflies in southern Australia known or suspected to breed in carrion [corrigendum in Med Vet Entomol 16:223]. 2. n For this purpose the current study aims to identify species and start to create a database for forensic important blowflies which present in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia particularly in Jeddah bio-geo climatic zone.

Fauna Sinica, Insecta, Vol. H. pulchra, posterior part of thorax, lateral view. Figure 9: Lateral anterior view of Ch. Anterior spiracle white (Figure 12) - 2. Carrion flies of forensic interest: a study of seasonal community composition and succession in Lisbon, Portugal.

j Figure 2: Lateral dorsal view of Ch. It is costly and results of analysis can take months, so it is not a good way to perform routine identifications. 1997; Kano and Shinonaga 1968; Kurahashi 1987; Kurahashi et al.

2010; Szpila 2010; Kurahashi and Kirk-Spriggs 2006; Klong-Klaew et al. Review of Chrysomyarufifacies (Diptera: Calliphoridae). Also occurs in kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Pakistan [37]. 1. Molecular systematics of the Calliphoridae (Diptera: Oestroidea): Evidence from one mitochondrial and three nuclear genes. Possible occurrence in all countries of the Middle East. 2. Distribution: Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Pakistan, Turkey. Fremdt H, Szpila K, Huijbregts H, Lindstrm A, Zehner R, Amendt J. Hana Sulakova, Email: moc.liamg@anah.avokalus.

In recent decades, there has been growing interest in research into the biology and ecology of insects with potential forensic applications (Tomberlin et al. It is especially helpful to identify poor quality specimens or stages of insects where accurate identification is critical such as larvae which can be difficult to separate morphologically.

Singh B, Wells JD. rufifacies, anterior part of thorax, lateral view. Lower calypter with hairs on dorsal surface; thorax nonmetallic, dark and dusted (Fig. Research & Reviews: Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Posterior slope of humeral callus with 68 hairs (Fig. albiceps head showing outer vertical setae. Braack [68] found large numbers of Ch. albiceps, anterior part of body, dorsal view. Med Vet Entomol 26: 417-431. In: Gennard D (ed) Forensic entomology, an introduction, II edition. Grella MD, Savino AG, Paulo DF, Mendes FM, Azeredo-Espin AML, Queiroz MMC, Thyssen PJ, Linhares AX (2015) Phenotypic polymorphism of, Guimares JH, Prado AP, Linhares AX. It is important to mention that populations of flies always contain a proportion of specimens with aberrations in size and in the position of particular setae (Rognes, Genital apparatus. Rognes K (2002) Blowflies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) of Israel and adjacent areas, including a new species from Tunisia.

Zookeys 434: 57-109. During this study adult fly specimens were obtained from domestic rabbit carcasses located in four deferent habitats (desert, urban, agriculture and coastal) in Jeddah city, kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Greater ampulla with stiff erect hairs (Fig. Calliphoridae (Insecta: Diptera). p

literature list | photographs | related links | bird blow flies | about Terry L. Whitworth, Terry Whitworth, Ph.D. Distribution: Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel,Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon,Libya, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Yemen. albiceps, basal part of wing, stem vein. d Anterior wing margin hyaline (Figure 14) - Chrysomya albiceps. Distribution: Pakistan. Med Vet Entomol 15:433437 [. megacephala head showing eyes touching with sharply demarcated and enlarged upper ommatidia. f The larvae feed on decaying tissue of animals. At least some hairs on lateral surfaces of tergite V white, posterior edge of tergite V of female with crevice/incision (Figure 26). In: Byrd JH, Castner JL (eds) Forensic Entomology: The Utility of Arthropods in Legal Investigations. Figure 25: Dark-grayish third antennal segment. c University of Central Lancashire, Faculty of Science, Forensic and Investigation Department, M.Sc. Calliphorinae.

Distribution: Egypt, Iran, Israel, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates. [26,27], presently covering the Siberian sub-region, Spain, Iran, Afghanistan, China, Japan, [28], United States [29-34], West Indies, and Brazil [35]. Flies from the family Calliphoridae are the first group that arrive to the cadaver [3,4], and attract by the odor produce during the early stages of decomposition. Given this situation, many tested morphological characters have been available for the preparation of a reliable key for the identification of material collected in Middle Eastern countries. c It is also recorded in southern Africa [36], Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia [37]. All Rights Reserved.

Distribution: Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Yemen. The preparation of image-stacking was done using an M205C Leica Stereomicroscope with an integrated high-resolution Leica DFC495 digital camera and associated software (Leica Application Suite 4.4.0). However, some characters must nonetheless be treated with caution: The Middle East is a region in which three pairs of sister species occur sympatrically: L. cuprina and L. sericata, L. caesar and L. illustris and Ch. Possible occurrence in south-east Iran. k b Key to Species of Bellardia The authors hope that this publication will be a further milestone toward advancing the application of forensic entomology in Middle Eastern countries.

CRC Press, Boca Raton, II edition, pp 4379. m Species identification of Middle Eastern blowflies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) of forensic importance. home | blow fly identification | using keys effectively | collecting blow flies | specimen handling This situation stops broad application of insects for medico-legal purposes due to a lack of knowledge proper tools for species identification of the local fauna. Figure 15: Dorsal view of Ch. L. sericata, head, posterior view. Figure 24: Anterior view of female Ch. (1979) and Abouzied (2014) of "Chrysomya chloropyga" most likely refer to Ch. all content copyright by Terry L Whitworth except as noted. official website and that any information you provide is encrypted Observations on morphology of immature. Whitworth T. Keys to the genera and species of blow flies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) of America north of Mexico. third antennal segment entirely orange (Fig. & Whitworth, T. L. (2014) First record ofLucilia bufonivoraMoniez, 1876 (Diptera: Calliphoridae) from North America and key to North American species of theL. bufonivoraspecies group. The flies belong to genus Chrysomya Robineau-Desvoidy which characterized by reniform greater ampulla with stiff erect hairs (Figure 1), dorsal surface of lower calypter with dense hairs (Figure 6), dorsum of first abdominal tergite (syntergite 1+2) and posterior margins of tergites 3 and 4 black (Figure 7), genal dilation (cheek) whitish or yellowish (Figures 8- 10). n They are efficient disease vectors of dysentery. Blowfly species in the Middle East region were studied by Akbarzadeh et al. albiceps, head, antennae. Color and dusting of particular elements of the body. Figure 13: Ventral view of Ch.

This was postulated by Rognes (1997) and has been confirmed by recent molecular studies (e.g., Kutty et al. f The flies were identified with the aid of dissecting stereomicroscope from Leica Company (Leica M205 C stereomicroscope). L. illustris, ovipositor, VIth tergite, lateral view. d

calypters light brown to brown, with at least the rim of upper calypter brownish (Fig. Key to the identification of forensically important blowflies of the Middle East. Marinho MAT, Junqueira ACM, Paulo DF, Esposito MC, Villet MH, Azaredo-Espin AML. megacephala. Distribution: Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Yemen. Blow flies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) of eastern Canada with a key to Calliphoridae subfamilies and genera of eastern North America, and a key to eastern Canadian species of Calliphorinae, Luciliinae, and Chrysomyinae (Marshall, et al. L. porphyrina, upper, and lower calypters, lateral view. L. papuensis, upper and lower calypters, lateral view. This study was conducted to create database information on necrophagous flies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia geographical region, and it is essential to the progress of forensic entomology in the country. 2012; Grzywacz et al. Learn more

lower calypter without hairs on dorsal surface; thorax bright green metallic, rarely bluish or cuprous (Fig. The taxonomy and terminology follows [14-18]. Received 2014 Dec 22; Accepted 2015 Jan 19. Therefore, knowledge of the insect fauna that are attracted to human cadavers in every geographical region is fundamental for the use of flies as forensic indicators, and databases should be developed [10,11]. Insect Colonization and Succession on Rabbit Carcasses in Southwestern Mountains of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Species identification of the adults of necrophagous blowflies is usually not difficult, and numerous keys are currently available for potential users (e.g., Fan et al. 8600 Rockville Pike Diptera: synanthropic flies. albiceps and Ch. e Phone 253-845-1818 Illustrated keys to adult flies of forensic importance in Malaysia.

The present work was supported financially by the Polish National Science Centre (grant no. phaonis, L. papuensis, H. pulchra, abundant in anthropogenic habitats but still without confirmed attraction to human corpses, have also been included in the key presented here. (1997), Fan et al. Figure 8: Lateral anterior view of Ch. C. vicina, thorax, dorsal view. In North America, the identity of many blow fly species was in a state of confusion until the publication of Halls work, The blowflies of North America (1948) which provided comprehensive keys to many species. L. illustris, base of wing, ventral view. katatergite with long, upstanding fine hairs (Fig. Most of the specimens used for the illustration of characters were collected personally by the authors. 1997; Rognes 1991; Fan et al. The undoubted forensic importance of most of them has been discussed and summarized in monographs (e.g., Byrd and Castner 2009; Gennard 2012; Rivers and Dahlem 2014) and some recent papers (Sukontason et al. PMC legacy view Male frons very narrow, eyes very close to each other with ommatidia uniform in size (Figure 23). The recent study proved that there are three species of blowflies attracted to the rabbit carcasses in Jeddah city, all of them were belong to genus Chrysomya Robineau-Desvoidy.

Nelson LA, Lambkin CL, Batterham P, Wallman JF, Dowton M, Whiting MF, Yeates DK, Cameron SL. Commonly seen "basking" on the exterior walls of buildings (flesh flies also have this habit). k megacephala head showing dark brown bulging frons, dark-grayish fronto-orbital plate and parafacial. Chrysomya marginalis (Wiedemann, 1819): Diagnosis - Large species, usually 8-12 mm in length. Surface of genal dilation and postgena fuscous, with black hairs (Fig. Tomberlin JK, Mohr R, Benbow ME, Tarone AM, VanLaerhoven S. A roadmap for bridging basic and applied research in forensic entomology.

Records of Bttiker et al. Klong-Klaew T, Sukontason K, Sribandtimongkol P, Moophayak K, Sanit S, Sukontason KL. Deeming JC. Specimens damaged by contact with ethyl acetate can be restored by placing them in a bath of xylene for 24h. Presence of setae. This publication includes keys to all known North American genera and most species. I am interested in examining specimens of any Neotropical calliphorids and will assist anyone needing help identifying Nearctic or Neotropical blow flies. It was recorded in Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Egypt, Congo, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Senegal, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Zimbabwe [38-46]. c Distribution: This species generally common in sub-Saharan Africa [38]. albiceps showing whitish genal dilation. Possible occurrence in all countries of the Middle East. Calypters white to light brown, with white at least along the rim of upper calypter (Fig. L. ampullacea, posterior part of thorax, lateral view.

rufifacies, head, antennae. Accessibility No.

The male genital structures are easily observed in specimens preserved in 70% EtOH. g Vanin S, Gherardi M, Bugelli V, Di Paolo M. Insects found on a human cadaver in central Italy including the blowfly, Verves YG. or parasites. Possible occurrence in all countries of the Middle East. Since they lay eggs on a carrion within minutes after death, the estimation of the age of the oldest present eggs, larvae or pupae will provide a minimum postmortem interval (mPMI) [4-8].

will also be available for a limited time. Male and female vertix with well-developed outer vertical setae (Figure 22). The .gov means its official. The antennae are aristate with a plumose bristle, and the calypters are large and prominent. L. ampullacea, upper and lower calypters, lateral view. Am J Forensic Med Pathol 9: 220-225. Ch. Ch. albiceps thorax showing row of bristles on the meron and greater ampulla. Fauna Entomologica Scandinavica, Vol. The blowfly species which found were Chrysomya megacephala, Chrysomya marginalis and Chrysomya albiceps. sharing sensitive information, make sure youre on a federal In my opinion, a good taxonomist needs to have skills in both morphological taxonomy and genetics to produce the best quality taxonomic research. 24. Ch. g Contributors own the copyright to and are solely responsible for contributed content.Click the contributor's name for licensing and usage information. (1997), Wallman (2001), Rognes and Paterson (2005), Szpila (2012), Grella et al. albiceps abdomen, rows point to black color of first abdominal tergite and posterior margins of tergites 3 and 4. It is useful as another tool to help morphological taxonomists determine valid species. Annu Rev Entomol 10:4768, Parchami-Araghi M, Peris SV, Gonzles-Mora D. New records of Iranian Calliphoridae and Sarcophagidae, with a guide to the males of Palaearctic, Rivers DB, Dahlem GA (2014) The science of forensic entomology. Surface of genal dilation and post-gena orange with orange to yellow hairs, vibrissae well above the oral margin (Figure 19). I also have recently coauthored three pictorial keys to blow flies which are available on line: Identification of Neotropical blow flies of the genusCalliphoraRobineau-Desvoidy (Diptera: Calliphoridae) with the description of a new species (2012) o

Ch. (2014).

Wings entirely hyaline (Figure 15). 1979; Deeming 1996, 2007; Kurahashi and Afzal 2002; Rognes 2002).

This work was problematic, the keys were difficult to use and it contained a variety of errors, but it was the best thing available in North America for almost 60 years. Disclaimer: Dedicated naturalists volunteer their time and resources here to provide this service. 2012; Nelson et al. Possible occurrence in mountain zone of Pakistan. p Wiley & Blackwell, Chichester. Chrysomya megacephala (Fabricius, 1794): Diagnosis- Flies with medium size 6-9 mm in length. Key to Species of Lucilinae (Lucilia). Fauna Japonica. Willey-Blackwell, pp.

This species is already established in Portugal [50] and other European countries [51], recently having reached Poland [49]. Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language, Dersleri yznden olduka stresli bir ruh haline, Global Journal of Nursing & Forensic Studies. Key to Species of Calliphora

Possible occurrence in all countries of the Middle East. The Middle Eastern blowflies of forensic importance.

I followed the work of Rognes (1991) which suggested numerous taxonomic changes that apply to several species in North America. Three pairs of acrostichal setae on postsutural area of thorax (like on Fig.

Halls work included keys to theMelanodexiawhich are problematic; I did not include keys to this genus in my work as this genus is in need of a complete revision. In kingdom of Saudi Arabia there are rarely studies on carrion breeding blowflies. Differentiation between. 59. This species known as the oriental latrine fly due to its favorite place of ovipositing in latrines [60], and it is may be origins in New Guinea [61]. Distribution: Pakistan. Figure 23: Anterior view of Ch. Kamran Akbarzadeh, Email: Byrd JH, Castner JL (2009) Insects of forensic importance. Portions of images by Joseph Berger (blowfly in header), and Whitney Cranshaw (fly on wall), used by permission of In recent years there has been a rift between morphological taxonomists and geneticists regarding the best way to accurately identify insects. government site.

C. mortuorum, thorax, dorsal view. I have also submitted much of the data to GenBank. Adding to the complexity of diagnosing the regional fauna is that species representing three different zoogeographical elements exist in sympatry. An official website of the United States government. forensic anterior margin hyaline wing showing saudi blowflies arabia diptera calliphoridae identification occur jeddah species kingdom important albiceps ventral ch An important goal in forensic entomology is the identification of necrophagous fly species that breed directly on carcasses. Distribution: Egypt, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Turkey. This sort of information is obtained from field experiments on carrion decomposition, usually made with animal models [12].

Figure 21: Lateral view of Ch.

Kutty SN, Pape T, Wiegmann BM, Meier R. Molecular phylogeny of the Calyptratae (Diptera: Cyclorrhapha) with an emphasis on the superfamily Oestroidea and the position of Mystacinobiidae and McAlpine's Fly. k Much of my barcode data is available to researchers at the BOLD site at and in two publications, Whitworth 2014 and Tantawi, Whitworth and Sinclair 2017.

The site is secure.

[71] proved that Chrysomya albiceps is endophilic in Saudi Arabia and a nuisance in homes and markets there. It is strong fliers, and the maximum dispersal rates for this species were estimated as 16 km/12 days [70]. calliphoridae lucilia texas sericata fly bottle goodwell texhoma academics opsu scimathnurs naturalscience diptera plantsinsectsofgoodwell common edu forensic abdominal tergite posterior jeddah saudi diptera identification blowflies occur arabia calliphoridae species kingdom important abdomen dorsal margins rows albiceps

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