Secret Garden situated in Josiah's Bay in a beautiful garden, Suzanne serves some of the best food in the Caribbean. Capriccio's, on the Waterfront in Road Town. There is a restaurant and bar and several small stands selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The water is warm. It is here that you will find the "Bomba Shack," the main party site for the island's full moon parties. Users should state a preference for fresh, live mushrooms if available. The Road Town Bakery, Main Street offers sandwiches and really fantastic pastries.

All three vendors offer good and drinks.

There's not a heck of a lot to see after you've taken the obligatory tours of the island's "attractions", although the original architecture of little wooden houses housing some interesting shops, cafes, and an art gallery or two and Cockroach Hall built on a huge rock on Main Street is not be missed.

And here it is the sea!

Many affluent visitors will take a charter boat trip from one of several marinas to some of the best places, as many smaller and less-inhabited islands offer mooring and amenities. Pussers on Frenchman's Cay caters to a sailing and local crowd.

It feels like about +25. The hotel is very welcoming of lunch and dinner guests. Those who work with tourists will speak quite clearly, but older natives have a thick and distinctive West Indian accent that, when spoken quickly, can be very difficult to understand. Being a registered user gives you privilege to save all cruise itineraries that you build in your account and access them later on any device. Try to get to the beach early to get a choice spot.

The bay offers snorkeling opportunities in calm weather, but because of the runoff routes from the mountains, the water is often murky after even moderate rain.

Food and the obligatory souvenir bottle of rum and Cuban cigar at Bobby's, Riteway and One Mart, all good supermarkets in Road Town.

You will find it a Myett's (happy hour), Elms and Quito's, where local guitar legend Quito Rhymer often plays. Josiah's Bay is a surfer's beach popular with natives as well. Indigo Moods, near the Roundabout. Cruise Lines International Association Member 00435435. Roti Palace, Main Street in Road Town, offers roti (Indian flat bread) wrapped around various curries from vegetable to goat.

There are only a couple of tables outside here so it's primarily take-away. Books on the BVI, its flora and fauna (not much, but there are small boa constrictors, mongooses, lizards and the smallest gecko in the world). Serendipity Bookshop Cafe, in an old West Indian house on Main Street. Development around the island has circumvented nature's natural filtration systems, such as salt ponds, and as a result, most beaches are not attractive after heavy rains because of runoff from roads that zig and zag up the mountainsides, and home development sites cut harshly into the sides of the mountains as well.

Apple Bay and Josiah's Bay are the two surfing areas of the island.

During these parties, the street is often flooded with native and tourist party-goers, and hallucinogenic mushrooms, which are legal to possess and use in the BVI, are readily available. Its far superior for eating to its sister restaurant in Road Town.

Swimming, swimming!

Long Bay, Beef Island is just minutes from the airport, a long, curved stretch of beach that is one of the more secluded and little-used beaches. Unique BVI stamps at the Philatelic Bureau attached to the Post Office on Main Street. There are no amenities available.

Dolphin Discovery Swimming with dolphins is a chance to encounter these highly intelligent and friendly marine mammals which will fascinate and amaze you. Live music is common.

Open Monday to Friday 5:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Smuggler's Cove.

Note that in both the Cruise Ship Vendors' Market and the Craft Market the goods are imported from. Yachting - Tortola has world renown sailing conditions. Long Bay - West End Not to be confused with Long Bay - Beef Island, this beach at the western end of the island is easily accessible, very large, and has good swimming and moderate surf. Sugar Mill restaurant in Little Apple Bay, part of a beautiful hotel.

Through the English tavern in front, they sell souvenirs and Pusser's Blue Label Rumostensibly made with the same recipe used by the British Royal Navy for centuries.

Apple Bay is a surf and party area and does not offer much in the way of swimming. This is to one side.

Virtually all cruise ships dock at a large pier near the entrance to the inner harbor at Road Town, with fairly easy walking into town.

Lambert Bay is a very long beach, with moderate surf, and less clear water than several other beaches.

Watching the pelicans diving into the watch for fish is fascinating, but can be a little unnerving when they plunge in near where you are snorkeling. The native species grows in the hills and is available after rains, which occur throughout the year. A proper Italian cafe with pizzas and daily pasta specials.

Neither are fine dining establishments but rather casual beach bars.

There are several good restaurants here, Sugar Mill (fine dining), Coco Plum, Sebastian's and Bomba's. Mushrooms and mushroom teas is sold at full moon parties at Bomba Shack in Capoon's Bay and the mushrooms are available from casual purveyors at various bars.

It is generally expected to begin any conversation with a "Good morning," or whatever time of day is applicable; the common American English habit of simply beginning a conversation without salutation is considered aggressive and even rude. Brandywine Bay Restaurant above the Bay is a beautiful place in a fabulous location. While Tortola has many of the things you would expect from one of the Virgin Islands like scuba diving, boating and fishing it also has a host of other great things to do like: The US Dollar (US$) is the official currency.

On Fridays, there are fish fries under the two huge banyan trees. Accessible by narrow and bumpy dirt roads, this is a small oasis used mostly by expatriate workers who reside in Tortola.

The best place to buy them is at Serendipity Bookshop which is the largest and most fully-stocked bookstore on the island. There are three vendors who set up beach chairs in some of the best spots.

Oscar's, on Frenchman's Cay. A little bit closer. That said, Brewer's Bay is an excellent place to go if you want good snorkeling right off the beach, decent food, friendly locals, reasonably warm water (late April), and some peace and quiet. Mushrooms (hallucinogenic inducing varieties) are legal in the British Virgin Islands. Cane Garden Bay is the most popular, populous, and touristy of the beaches available.

It is generally not used by locals or tourists, as natural beaches abound. Taken over by owners of "Dove" and renamed "Watermark" it has now been taken over again by Paul Spicer.

The drivers are happy to narrate what you are passing and will stop high above the harbor for a nice scenic photo opportunity. This is a great place to visit and is lots of fun.

On Main Street in Road Town.

Marijuana is very frowned upon by authorities, so much so that immigration and visitation by Rastafarians were once regulated by legislation in the BVI.

Being caught with even a small personal amount of marijuana will almost certainly lead to a stiff fine and instant deportation. Because of the influence of British culture, a stronger emphasis is placed on politeness and decorum. Joseph Reynold O'Neal Botanic Gardens - Beautiful Gardens with a great representation of the island's vegetation.

We were swimming, swimming! Upstairs is a roti palace that serves West Indian curries and beers. The beach extends very gradually, allowing swimmers to range far from the shore.

Map of the islandTortola, information about it, advertising were inside the newspaper. Generally, they offer these chairs free as long as people are willing to spend some money on food or drinks. Offers vegan fare - tofu in different ways served plated or in a roti.

In the evening the day before such a newspaper was brought into our stateroom. The Callwood Rum Distillery - A historic Rum manufacturer in Cane Garden Bay.

The Grape Tree offers excellent food at moderate prices, and the larger bar, with a large stock of alcoholic beverages, offers food as well. There are two bar/restaurants at Josiah's Bay.

Arguably the best food on the island.

There are two parts to this beach and one half, before Quito's dock, has no bars or restaurants and so mostly deserted.

T-shirts and sculpture by Aragorn Dick-Read in his studio on Trellis Bay at the East of the island. The sand is dark gold. While charter-boat tourism makes up the bulk of travel to the British Virgin Islands, there are many beautiful places throughout the four main islands that are easily accessible.

It's another good-sized beach with heavy surf when in season, and a strong undertow at the corners of the beach. However, many swimmers enjoy this beach, and the waves, simply by swimming away from the corners of the beach and at a safe depth. Brewer's Bay is the only non-white sand beach on the island.

This is one experience you have to be in the right place for - do not ask people where you can buy mushrooms, it won't get you a result. Cane Garden Bay is "ground zero" for all. Crandall's, main road west of Road Town, serving Johnny Cakes and Patties. Offers espresso, paninis, wraps and has internet access. Boats moor here, and on the nearly 3/4 mi length, there are five restaurants, one bar, and two vendors. Some tradition may be served by visiting Pusser's General Store, on the waterfront southwest side of Road Town, within sight of the cruise ship pier.

Brandywine Bay is a recently man-made beach, one of the only on the island's south shore. Difficult to access but worth the effort, Smuggler's Cove lies at the extreme western tip of Tortola. It has free wi-fi.

After the sightseeing tour we are driving to the beach. Arrive at 8 am, depart at 16-30 pm. Tortola, British Virgin Islands Jackie/Flickr/CC BY 2.0, Tortola, British Virgin Islands Jorge Brazil/Flickr/CC BY 2.0, Tortola, British Virgin Islands superde1uxe/Flickr/CC BY 2.0. Very popular with local Tortolans. However, you might note that the dolphins are enclosed in a very small area and often swim up to the barrier to the open sea and remain there. List of all performances on the liner up to Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0, Tortola, British Virgin Islands: Port Information, Get around Tortola, British Virgin Islands, What to see in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, What to do in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, What to eat and drink in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Shopping in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Safety in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Language spoken in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Long Bay West End, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, The Baths, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Brewers Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Nanny Cay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Smugglers Cove, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Rhone National Marine Park, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Anegada Island, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Josiahs Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, CruiseBe Analytics for businesses in ports, BVI Taxi Association +284 494 2322 / 3942, BVI United Taxi Association +284 499 3607, Elroys Pleasure Tours +284 495 2598/1222/1022, Island Magic +284 495 3378, +248 340 775 7292, Karl Scatliffe +284 541 7541 or +248 342 7541, Waterfront Taxi Association +284 494 4959, West End Taxi Association +284 495 4934/3257.

The island is the epicenter of the Caribbean yachting community. If you take some bread or bagels with you in a plastic bag, the smaller fish will almost eat right out of your hand. These pelicans and other predators (nothing scary) are after the large schools of small "feeder fish," which will let you swim along in their midst.

There are two well-sign posted roads, one for the hotel and one for the beach.

Credit cards and travelers' checks are widely accepted. Locally-made souvenirs at Bamboushay which sells handmade pottery in a little wooden house on Main Street and has a pottery in Nanny Cay where you can visit and even try your hand at making some china yourself. It is also the only beach where there is a supermarket nearby. And this is to another one. English is universally spoken throughout the British Virgin Islands. In this newspaper was the whole information.

There are several restaurants and bars, however, they sit back from the beach rather than spill onto it, as in Cane Garden Bay.

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